Mary's Weekly Update 2-26-16

posted Feb 26, 2016, 12:35 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Dark Life

The students have been very engaged in our new reading book Dark Life by Kat Falls.  They have loved drawing pictures of their ideas for undersea homes and they are looking forward to making dioramas from their drawings.  To that end, please send a regular size shoe box with your child (extras are VERY appreciated).  They may also bring in materials for their dioramas, especially plastic bags.  This story is very much in line with the Oregon Trail history that we are doing this semester.  Please ask your child about the story!


Please remember that students are able to bring home ONE piece of homework each night.  This is their choice and it is their responsibility to make any copies that are necessary.  We continue to encourage everyone to take ownership of their own work and plan appropriately.  

NOTE:  Math homework must be written out on lined or gridded paper!  The student cannot do their work on a photocopy of the page unless it has been cleared with me first, and I will not count assignments that do not show all work and/or are not on lined/gridded paper.  Being able to accurately copy and format homework is a NECESSARY skill for students.

Items Needed

We are looking for several items for the classroom/Upper Elementary.  

  • Containers with lids - we need to store all the materials for our science units, so we need containers of all sizes with lids (deli tubs are excellent).

  • small jam or baby food jars - we need approx. 30 medium sized jars (with lids, if possible)

  • CD players (especially Walkman styles) - so kids can listen to audio materials in the classroom

  • TV - if you are upgrading, please consider donating your old TV to the Upper Elementary program

  • D size batteries - alive or dead

  • football - a new football for recess would be much appreciated

  • board games/decks of cards/other - we would like some more activities for indoor recess, so used games and decks of cards are much appreciated (no puzzles please).

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!


Friday, 2/26 3-5 Grade OBOB Meeting 1:15-2:30pm

Saturday, 2/27 Pre-lottery Information Session 10-11am

Saturday, 2/27 Middle School Information Session 10:45-11:30am

Tuesday, 3/1 Ridgeline Connects 2:30-3:15pm in the library

Tuesday, 3/1 Boxtops Submission Deadline

Tuesday, 3/1 RCO Meeting 6-7:30pm

Wednesday, 3/2 6-8 Grade OBOB Meeting 3:15-4:30pm

Friday, 3/4 3-5 Grade OBOB Meeting 1:15-2:30pm