Mary's Weekly Update 11-3-16

posted Nov 3, 2016, 2:24 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Parent Conferences

Thank you so much to parents who were able to attend conferences!  That is such an important way that we can work together to support your student.  Also, Meridy and I will continue to process the great feedback we received from students and families. If you had a conference and still have questions (or you just have a question!), please do not hesitate to contact me (  

Weekly Reports and Time Utilization

A topic in many student conferences was time utilization in the classroom.  Lessons are carefully paced to ensure that we cover what we need to in the year so that students can be successful.  But this is a partnership and students need to meet us halfway by completing the follow-on assignments from lessons.   Many students have admitted to not using their time effectively in class, and so are not completing their assignments.  Work that is not completed in the classroom is encouraged to go home and be completed there (where possible).  

The Weekly Report sent out on Fridays details exactly what work your student has been assigned and the progress they have made on that work.  The goal is to complete 70%-100% of assignments each week.  If a student completes all of their assignments for the two-week period (woo hoo!), their next workplan will be on green paper (the kids call this "going green").   Students know that they can approach individuals with a green workplan to ask for help with anything.

So please help your student to be successful by asking these questions each day:

- did you complete 3-5 works today?

(this guideline should ensure that they stay on top of their work)

- did you complete at least two pages of math today?

(there are four pages of regular math and four pages of review or geometry assigned per week).

There is always time built into the school day to complete assigned works, so it is up to the student to use their time efficiently.   Please encourage your student to use the Post-It Note Club if they need/want help organizing their work.

Birthday Bash and Reading Day

Our Birthday Bash for November birthdays will be held on November 18th.  However, it has been pointed out that we have no November birthdays, so we are now combining this with a Reading Day!   Students will spend most of the morning reading in their pajamas under blanket forts, nibbling on snacks.  So please feel free to send in a healthy snack for the whole class to share on that date.

Barnes and Noble Bookfair

We will be doing interpretations of several of Aesop's Fables for the Barnes & Noble Bookfair this year.  The kids have been hard at work writing scripts and making masks so please plan on attending the bookfair on November 18th.  We really hope to see you there!

Stone Soup Day

We will be celebrating Stone Soup yet again this year on November 23rd.   I hope you can join us!


Sunday, November 6        Daylight Savings Ends — clocks back one hour

Monday, November 7        RCO Meeting 6-7:30pm — *note date change*

Thursday, November 10              The Physics of Rock ‘n Roll to benefit Capital Campaign 7-8pm

Friday, November 11                      NO SCHOOL — Veterans Day

Wednesday, November 16         Conversations with Chrystell 8:45-9:45am

Thursday, November 17               Board Meeting 6:30-8:30pm

Friday, November 18        Birthday Bash/Reading Day in Room 8 and Barnes & Noble Bookfair

Tuesday, November 22                 Bring Veggies for Stone Soup

Wednesday, November 23           Stone Soup

Thursday, November 24              NO SCHOOL — Thanksgiving

Friday, November 25                      NO SCHOOL — Thanksgiving Break