Mary's Weekly Update 11-2-18

posted Nov 2, 2018, 11:51 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Parent Conferences

Next week we will be doing Parent Conferences!  This is a very important time for parents, teachers and students to come together to discuss progress so far and address any questions people may have.  Since this time is focused on supporting students, please encourage your student to attend their conference. If you are unable to sign up for a timeslot on Thursday or Friday, please contact me to set up an alternative time.

Parent Education Opportunity: Helping Your Child Cope With Anxiety

Ridgeline is pleased to offer a parent education night focused on coping with anxiety.  We are fortunate to be able to partner with the University of Oregon’s Couples and Family Therapy Program.  Three experienced graduate students will be presenting on this topic. We’ve asked them to help us address some of the following points:

-What are developmentally appropriate tools for addressing anxiety?

-What is the appropriate language to use around this issue?

-When is it time to seek professional help for a child?

-What are symptoms that might commonly get overlooked?

-In a community, how might the kids help each other?     

This event will be held in the Ridgeline Library on November 6th, from 6:00 to 7:00pm.  Childcare for toilet-trained children will be available

Barnes and Noble Bookfair

This year at the Barnes and Noble Bookfair, we will be performing readers’ theater about some very famous explorers and their journeys.  So please plan on attending the bookfair on Friday, November 16th. We really hope to see you there!

Birthday Bash

There will be no Birthday Bash in November since there is already a special community event planned, Stone Soup.

Weekly Reports and Time Utilization

Lessons are carefully paced to ensure that we cover what we need to in the year so that students can be successful.  But this is a partnership and students need to meet us halfway by completing the follow-on assignments from lessons.  Many students have admitted to not using their time effectively in class, and so are not completing their assignments. Work that is not completed in the classroom is encouraged to go home and be completed there (where possible).  The Weekly Report sent out on Fridays details exactly what work your student has been assigned and the progress they have made on that work.

So please help your student to be successful by asking these questions each day:

- did you complete 3-5 works today?

(this guideline should ensure that they stay on top of their work)

- did you complete at least two pages of math today?

(there are usually four pages of regular math and four pages of review or geometry assigned per week).

There is always time built into the school day to complete assigned works, so it is up to the student to use their time efficiently.   Please encourage your student to use the Post-It Note Club if they need/want help organizing their work. Any unfinished work from the Post-it Note should automatically be taken home as homework (where possible).  

PS:  Please return the Friday Folder to the classroom on Monday!


Nov 8 No School – Conferences

Nov 9 No School – Parent Conferences

Nov 16 Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Nov 21 Stone Soup