Mary's Weekly Update 10-19-17

posted Oct 19, 2017, 2:39 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Student Presentations!

So last week I asked all students to prepare to do a very short presentation on something that is important to them.  The sixth years were asked to do their presentations yesterday, so the fifth and fourth years will need to do their presentations next week.  Please ask your student about what they are planning to speak about!  Again, the item of importance can be a person, a pet, a personal object, or a book.  They will need to show that "item" (or a picture of it) and talk for 1-3 minutes about the personal significance of it.  

Parent Conferences

Please be on the lookout for an email regarding the Parent Conferences at the end of the month.  The email will have a link allowing you to sign-up for a time slot.  Please allow lunch times and after hours time slots for parents who are unable to attend during normal classroom hours.  Your student is expected to attend their meeting, otherwise another meeting will be scheduled at a time when they can attend.

Levels Lunches

We will be starting "Levels Lunches" today.  This is a time for the three UE classes to come together at recess, and for all members of a grade level to eat lunch together.  We hope this gives students a chance to have new conversations with new people.  It is also in preparation for the Breakout Biology lessons in the new year where students will be working alongside their grade-level peers.


Our Bike and Ride Day was a huge success, with many students walking in from Crossfire.  Hopefully it encouraged more people to try to use that location as a "park and stride" area for the school.  If you are using the Crossfire location, please be respectful, and remember that it is not a playground or a hangout place.  It is private property and they are being really good neighbors to allow us to utilize their parking lot to encourage active transportation and ease congestion at our school.

Reading Day

We will be having a Reading Day on Friday, October 27th.  That morning will be a time to lounge in your pajamas in a blanket fort and indulge in your favorite book.  You may also bring in a healthy snack to share on that day, if you wish.

PS:  Please return the Friday Folder to the classroom on Monday!


Sat, Oct 21 4:30pm - 6:30pm Skateworld Costume Party

Wed, Oct 25 Picture Retakes

G.A.Y.L.E Meeting 3:10-4pm

Fri, Oct 27 Reading Day in the classroom

Mon, Oct 30 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tue, Oct 31 Parent-Teacher Conferences