Mary's Semi-Monthly Update 11-30-18

posted Nov 30, 2018, 12:11 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Stone Soup

Thank you to everyone who helped our Stone Soup event by contributing vegetables and/or volunteer time.  It was a lovely day for all involved!

Storyline – Pioneering in Benthic Territory

We have now started our Pioneering in Benthic Territory storyline unit.  Students have been creating characters (their “alter ego”) that they will pilot through our created ocean environment.  They have also been creating the back stories for their characters, exploring the reason(s) why they have decided to move from the “stack cities” to the ocean territory.  

All students have access to our shared drive for this storyline, so please ask your student to show you their documents and watch their character speak!

Electricity Unit

Having made their first circuits this week, many students were asking about the materials used in the activity so that they can make more:

- LED lights:  you can use either 3mm or 5mm lights in any color.  The best value for these lights is on Amazon where you can get a pack of about 500 lights in assorted colors for around $15.  You can also use special flat LED lights made by Chibitronics which are easier to handle, but are more expensive at $1/per light.

- Copper Foil Tape:  you need tape which is designed for circuits, so search for “copper foil tape with conductive adhesive”.  You can get approx. 80 yards for $12 on Amazon.

- Coin Battery:  use standard CR2032 batteries.  You can get multipacks on Amazon or at Dollar Tree.  

- Cardstock paper

- double-sided foam tape.

Based on what they learned this week, students can already build light-up greeting cards and pictures.  Once we learn parallel circuits and how to use switches in the coming weeks, they will be able to do more complex greeting cards, game boards, and room alarms.  We will also be pairing biology research on bioluminescent fish with making a light-up model of the fish. Then we will invite other classrooms in to view our Midnight Zone Aquarium.  

Field Trip to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Our class will be travelling to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on Wednesday, Dec 19th, to attend two special exhibitions – Plastic Entanglements and Elsa More - and to take part in a studio activity.   This event was organized by our wonderful art teachers, Melanie Germond and Pete Goldlust, for each of the Upper Elementary classes.  We will need 5-6 adult chaperones for this trip so please contact me if you would like to volunteer.

Drop-off and Pick-up in Front of the School

Yesterday another upset neighbor called at dismissal yelling about our families blocking the travel lane on W. Amazon. Do not stop in the travel lane and block traffic. If the line is too long circle around and come back or park somewhere legally and walk to pick up your student.

Volunteers Needed Around the School

The school is looking for volunteers to help with the following:

- Book Covering Volunteers:  If you are a detail oriented person who can cut a straight line, we would love to have your help! Contact the office or stop by to volunteer.

- Laminating Volunteer:  If you have laminating experience and/or are a detail oriented person, we would love to have your help. Contact Cynthia for more details and to volunteer.

- Marketplace Volunteers:  We still have 21 volunteer slots open! Six volunteers are needed on Friday, December 7, 3-5pm for set up, and 15 volunteer slots need filling on Saturday, December 8.

PS:  Please return the Friday Folder to the classroom on Monday!



Saturday, Dec 8 Marketplace and Continental Breakfast, 10am

Monday, Dec 10 RCO Meeting, 6pm

Monday, Dec 17 Board Meeting, 6:30pm

Wednesday, Dec 19 Class Field Trip to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art