Faith's Year-End-Trip Information

posted May 21, 2012, 11:18 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Family,


            We look forward to our class camping trip at William M. Tugman State Park Wed., May 30- Fri., June 1.  A special thank you to our parent volunteers for driving and chaperoning:  Betsy Brandenfels, Debbie & Dave Turetzky, Catherine Inocencio, Mary Johnson, Serafina Moses, and Robert Foltz.

            Our community activities will consist of setting up camp, cooking, hiking, playing on the sand dunes, journal writing, and team building games.  We will depart Ridgeline at 9:30 a.m. on May 30 and return to school by 3:00 p.m. on June 1.  Below is a list of items for your child to pack and bring to school on Wednesday morning, May 30.  In addition, a note will be sent home on Monday, May 21 with a list of food items that your child volunteered to bring for the meals that we will be cooking. Please bring nonperishable food to school on Friday, May 25 and perishable food to school on Tues., May 29.  We are also asking families to volunteer to bring cookware and camping equipment.  Please check any additional items on the 2nd page that you are able to contribute and return the list to school by Friday, May 18 with the permission slip.


            We look forward to an awesome adventure!

            Faith and Donna


Packing List (bring items to school on May 30)

Sack Lunch for 5/30

Water Bottle

Three Changes of Clothes

Sweat Shirt


Heavy Coat (depending on forecast)


Two Pair of Sturdy Walking/Running Shoes


Four to Five Pairs of Socks

Sleeping Bag & Pad



Bug Repellent








Flip Flops or Shower Shoes

Flashlight with Batteries

Cup, Bowl, Plate, and Silverware (in a mesh bag)

If your child is in need of medicine or an inhaler, please sign a medical release form with Kayla

in the front office.


Please check any additional items below that your family can contribute to our camping trip and return this form to school by Friday, May 18:

[] 3 ice chests/coolers

[] 3 bags of ice

[] 2 to 3 canopies   Number that I can loan______

[] large containers (for storing fruit, vegetables, dry goods, and kitchen supplies)

[] 4 to 8 large propane burners and fuel    Number that I can loan______

[] knives and mixing/serving spoons

[] cutting boards

[] griddle

[] 4 large pots (20 to 40 qts.)  Number that I can loan_______

[] dish tubs for washing/rinsing dishes

[] rope

[] dish soap

[] 6 potato peelers

[] 4 spatulas

[] measuring spoons and cups

[] 6 pot holders

[] 100 plastic bags (gallon size)

[] 100 plastic bags (quart size)

[] 5 sponges and washcloths

[] 2 colanders

[] fold up table

[] trash bags

[] aluminum foil

[] hand sanitizer

[] 5 large serving bowls



Parent’s Signature___________________________   Date: _________________



Save the Dates


Friday May 18:   Permission Slip Due and Check List of Camping Equipment/    Supplies to Contribute


Monday  May 21:  Note Home with Food Items your child volunteered to Bring


Friday May 25:   Bring Nonperishable Food and Camping Equipment/Supplies to School


Tuesday May 29:  Bring Perishable Food to School


Wednesday May 30:  Bring Items from Packing List to School


Wednesday May 30- Friday June 1:  Camping Trip at William M. Tugman State Park



Field Trip Permission


Faith’s Class Camping Trip to William M. Tugman State Park
Date(s) of event: 5/30/12 to 6/1/12 (2 nights)                                                            

Time(s):  departing Ridgeline at 9:30 a.m. on 5/30/12
                returning to Ridgeline on 6/1/12 by 3:00 p.m.

Location(s):  William M. Tugman State Park, located on the Oregon Coast, off US 101 and 8 miles south of Reedsport; 97 miles from Eugene
Oregon Dunes Recreation Area (located less than one mile away from the park)

Cost: $25 per student
Transportation arrangements: by car with parent volunteer and/or Ridgeline staff

Please bring: See attached individual camping list to bring to school Wed. morning, 5/30/12 and volunteer list of additional camping equipment/supplies to contribute.  Please check camping items you are able to contribute and return the form with the permission slip on 5/18/12.  On May 21 a note will be sent home with food items your child volunteered to bring for class meals.  Please bring nonperishable food and camping equipment/supplies to school on Friday, May 25 and perishable food to school on Tuesday, May 29.

Deadline: Please sign the permission slip below and return to school with $25 by Friday, May 18.
Cut here and return portion below
----------          ----------          ----------          ----------          ----------          ----------          ----------

My Student ______________________ has permission to attend the overnight field trip to William M. Tugman State Park and the Oregon Dunes Recreation Area Wed., May 30 to Fri., June 1, 2012. I understand that my child will be transported by car with a parent volunteer or Ridgeline staff.   

_____I have enclosed the field trip fee.  For financial hardships, contact the office for a scholarship form.
_____I am enclosing additional funds for partial or full scholarships.
_____Medications needed/ allergies: ______________________________________________________.

_____I can chaperone overnight.   _____I can drive.  My vehicle has _____ student seats with seatbelts. I will ensure that my current vehicle information is on file with the office by 5/22/12.
_____Front seat for adult or adult size student   
_____My child can ride in the front seat.

_______________________________________       ______________________
  Parent/Guardian signature                                                      Date