Faith's Weekly Update 12-9-11

posted Dec 9, 2011, 10:49 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Ridgeline Reader
Highlights of student work include imaginative writing prompts, reflective writing on quotes from people who inspired powerful change in the world for the good of humanity, and poetry writing. Students who choose, will have the opportunity to submit writings to the Ridgeline Reader. One of the quotes we are currently focusing on is by Maria Montessori:

“We shall walk together on this path of life,

for all things are part of the universe, and

are connected with each other to form one

whole unity.”

The other quote is by President Obama, reflecting on the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The following is an excerpt from the quote:

“And that is why we honor this man—because

he had faith in us. And that is why he belongs

on this Mall—because he saw what we might

Please look for student writings in upcoming readers!

Science Supplies
The following is an updated list of needed science supplies. We are always grateful for any contributions.

test tubes with stoppers
science hot plate
clear glass baking dish
small clay pot with drainage hole
potting soil
lima beans
corn, peanut, pea, mustard, alfalfa, and radish seeds
gallon of distilled water
plant food
glass stirring rod
½ gallon wide mouth jar
6 strips of felt different colors (8” by 18”)
granulated sugar
large, durable work trays
nuts and bolts
ping pong balls
saw dust
strong rope
small plastic bucket with handle
watering can
plastic milk bottle
2 liter plastic bottle
powdered clay
colored sand
chalk powder
heat proof gloves
large rectangular metal pan
Small hollow rubber ball
Small wooden ball
large horse shoe magnet

Pajama Day and Book Exchange
We look forward to pajama day and book exchange Fri., Dec. 9! Please bring books to school by Friday to donate to the “library” of books. Everyone will have the opportunity to choose a “new” book to take home and enjoy. We also look forward to viewing a student selected video on the awe and wonder of the universe—highlighting major concepts of gravity, electromagnetism, and relativity.

Human Growth and Development
December 14-16, both upper elementary classes will participate in Human Growth and Development presented by Planned Parenthood. The course content is in alignment with Oregon State Standards for elementary health education curriculum goals and objectives. Students will receive information on human anatomy/physiology, puberty, human reproduction, prenatal development & birth, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Your child may be excused from Human Growth and Development upon your request. If you choose for your child to not participate in the program, please send a note to school stating your request and an alternative activity will be provided.

Daily Reading Log
Please support your child in completing the daily reading log sent home on Monday. Part of the homework in the elementary is reading 30 or more minutes per night. The student may read independently, listen to you read aloud to them, or a combination of both. This reading time is also recorded for read-a-thon minutes. You may include an additional two hours of class reading for the read-a-thon this week. Thank you for supporting your child’s lifelong love of reading!

It is an honor to work with your children!
Faith & Donna