Faith's Weekly Update 10-27-11

posted Oct 27, 2011, 10:12 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Children’s Work
Each day we continue to grow in building community, strengthening our concentration, critical thinking, creativity, and compassion! The Montessori classroom is an interdependent microcosm of the larger world that is guided by the vision of creating global peace through education.
Students are working with a variety of math and geometry materials, such as long multiplication on the Chequerboard, long division on the Stamp Game, factors on the Pegboard, multiplying fractions with the fractional insets, kinds of angles, relationships between angles, parts of a circle, and volume with the geometric solids (triangular prism, rhombic prism, hexagonal prism, and cylinder). Others are working on squaring, square root, prime factorization, area, perimeter, estimating, mean, median, mode, and Khan Academy algebra.

In language, we watched a video of President Obama’s recent speech at the dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. We began a discussion of the ideas presented and will continue to work with the speech through reflective writing—focusing on key passages as they relate to the students’ lives today. Later in the year, each student will have the opportunity to write a letter to the president expressing what the speech personally means to him/her and how the message can be applied to creating a more just and peaceful world. Students also continue to work with grammar boxes for the parts of speech, analyzing the parts of a sentence with the logical analysis material, spelling, vocabulary, and creative writing. Groups have also enjoyed Socratic Dialogue on selections from Aesop’s Fables, Turqoise Horse from the Junior Great Books Series, and Unstoppable Me by Wayne Dyer. A group of students created and performed a play based on the fable The Wind and the Sun (persuasion is better than force).

In cultural studies, students are working on individual research projects. Some examples include, jelly fish, the octopus, the tiger, global warming, lasers, Pacific Ocean life, Mt. St. Helens, and Maria Montessori. Students are also choosing a continent to learn the countries and capitals. Some students are working with the Montessori impressionistic charts: the fundamental needs of human beings, the chart of interdependence, and sun & earth charts. Others are focusing on Core Knowledge reading and questions on the human circulatory system.

Curriculum Sharing
Thank you to all the families who attended Curriculum Sharing Night! It was a wonderful experience of seeing the students shine in their love of the Montessori environment and their accomplishments!

Art and Handwork Basket
Thank you for all the generous contributions to the art and handwork basket. The basket turned out beautifully!

Pumpkin Carving
This week our class will carve pumpkins for Sheltercare. All proceeds will go toward supporting the homeless in Eugene.

International Children’s Day
In honor of our global family of children, students may choose to wear traditional attire from countries around the world on Friday, Oct. 28. Students may also bring international refreshments to share during lunch (fruits, vegetables, or prepackaged food). A note was sent home early in the week with items your child volunteered to bring.

Family Conferences
The students look forward to sharing their progress during family conferences! Conference slots are available on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 by signing up in the front office. Please sign up before or on Fri., Oct. 28. Thank you!

Faith & Donna