Faith's Class Weekly Update 3-24-12

posted Apr 4, 2012, 11:23 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Field Trip to Skate World Apr. 5 
Our class will travel to Skate World on Thurs., Apr. 5 for a student planned field trip. The cost for roller skating is $3.60 per student; adult chaperones are free. A permission slip was sent home Fri, March 23 for you to return Tues, Apr. 3; please also include the admission fee with the permission slip. We will eat lunch at school at 11:30 and then depart for Skate World at 12 noon. Students will skate from 12:30 to 2:30; we will arrive back to school by 3:00 p.m. Please e-mail me by Tues., March 27 if you are available to be parent driver and chaperone. Thank you! 
Really Rosie 
A special thank you to Rachael Carnes for directing “Really Rosie”, a fun musical from the 70’s by Maurice Sendak with songs by Carole King. Many of the students in our class will be participating in the musical! If your child auditioned, you will have received a permission slip on Mar. 23 to fill out and return to school on Apr. 3. Rachael will send an e-mail to you with your child’s part in the musical during Spring Break. Students will perform the musical on June 6 during a morning assembly for K-3 and in the evening for parents. We are so excited! 

Computer Usage 
Thank you for reviewing and signing with your child the Ridgeline Computer Usage Agreement. Students who have turned in the agreement may request a 20 min. internet search on an approved website and under adult supervision for a research project, such as a report, science experiment, or planning a field trip. 


Thank you for supporting your child with an early bed time, healthy breakfast, and extra mid-morning snack during OAKS testing! We will resume testing after Spring Break during months of April and May. The state of Oregon gives every student three opportunities to take the math, reading, and science test (for 5th year students). 

African American Biography 
Students are researching famous African Americans in class. If you have not yet brought your books to school for the research project, please do so by Apr. 3. 

Going Out to Oregon Zoo 
A small group of students is planning a going out to Oregon Zoo. The date is to be scheduled during the month of April. Thank you Kehaulani Inocencio for being parent driver/chaperone! 

Microwaveable Plate/Bowl 
Please bring a microwaveable bowl/plate to school that your child can use to heat up food, take home at the end of the day, and bring back the next morning. 

Writing on a Memorable Experience from Spring Break 
The homework for Spring Break is for your child to write three paragraphs on a most memorable experience from the break. Before the break students shared about the places they will travel and the fabulous activities they will be doing —this is a wonderful opportunity for creative writing. If your child is a new writer, he/she may verbalize the paragraphs to you as you write down the ideas. After you have written the paragraphs, then your child can write them on a separate sheet of paper. Please direct your child to bring the writing to school on Apr. 3. We will work on a 2nd draft of the writing in class. 

Class Camping Trip to Tugman State Park 
We look forward to our class camping trip at Tugman State Park on the Oregon Coast, May 30-June 1. Tugman State Park is located on US-101, 8 miles south of Reedsport. We will be camping for two nights in yurts and exploring the Sand Dunes! The cost of the trip is $25 per student; a permission slip will be sent home at the end of April. Please let me know if you are interested in being a parent driver/chaperone. 

Wishing you a blessed Spring Break! 

It is an honor to work with your children,

Faith & Donna