Dana's Weekly Update 9-27-13

posted Sep 27, 2013, 11:01 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,

            It was nice to see so many of you at this week’s Class Meeting! I always enjoy the chance to get to talk with each of you after the school year has gotten rolling!


Math:  We are into our regular math lessons and follow-up work at this point in the school year.  We have five math groups and each group is meeting with both myself and Naomi for instruction during the week, as well as having independent practice work related to the lessons given.  Fourth grade students are currently working on place value with multi-digit whole numbers, fifth grade’s focus is order of operations and sixth grade students are working on multi-digit multiplication and gearing up for long division. 


Spelling:  Every student in my class takes a spelling pretest on Monday with 25 words.  I create the lists from a variety of sources:  words that follow a particular spelling rule, commonly misspelled words (in general, but also those specific to our classroom) and words related to our current curriculum.  From these 25 words, students identify a minimum of 10 words that they do not know how to spell correctly and choose those words for practice for the week.  If a student misses fewer than 10 words on the pretest then he or she chooses from the “challenge list” which is composed of more difficult curriculum words and words from the national spelling bee championships.  Students should be bringing home a list on Monday so that they can practice at home as well. 


Calendars:  Our calendar project is beginning to take shape!  Students should now have created math problems up through the sevens and have rough drafts of their first three research topics along with accompanying illustrations.  Check in with your child on their progress and please help support them at home if they are behind.   Give me a call if you have questions on how to help.


Friday folders:  Each week you should receive your child’s folder that contains their work plan, school information and a “Friday Note” that will tell you if your child has any incomplete work for the week.  If you see a green note then you know your child was able to complete all their work that week, while a blue note will provide you with a list of work that your child should have brought home over the weekend.  I do not give regularly scheduled homework because I feel that quality family time is very important for kids (and adults!), but I do want kids to complete their practice so they are ready to build on this knowledge the following week.  If your child is expressing worry over their ability to get their work done, please encourage them to come to me and talk about it.  I think it is vital to find the perfect balance of challenge, an academic push that doesn’t overwhelm.  With this in mind, I remind the students that it is their job to advocate for themselves and let me know how they are doing so we can provide the support and accommodations they need to be successful.   Please look for and sign the work plan and Friday note each week.


Upcoming Events: 

·      Wed Oct 2nd:  All school meeting 6:30-7:30



Ridgeline’s Board of Directors is hosting an All School Meeting on WednesdayOctober 2 from 6:30 to 7:30 in the gym. We hope that every family will attend!


The meeting offers the opportunity to kick off a new school year, plus a chance to learn more about Montessori education and how you can support your child's education. We'll also provide a short briefing on the purchase of our "forever home" here at 4500 West Amazon, detailing how the important work of the Capital Campaign will build on our success for many years to come. 

Call Ridgeline's office to reserve childcare, if you need it, because space is limited. We'll have a potluck cookie bar, so please bring your favorites to share. Ridgeline's new T-shirts will be on sale, too!


Thanks for letting us spend time with your amazing children!

Dana and Naomi