Dana's Weekly Update 9-20-12

posted Sep 20, 2012, 12:33 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Families, 

This week has been filled with fun new opportunities! Now that we are feeling more settled in our routines and have completed district assessments, we have been adding additional work to our daily schedule.

In math, students have been practicing with the Montessori materials that they were introduced to last year and practicing math facts. This week we added daily math lessons and practice to our independent work time.

In language arts we are building on our “Writer’s Notebook” and writing lesson time by adding a daily oral language component to practice the conventions of writing.

Creative Expressions also began this week. We met for the first time on Wednesday and had a fabulous time! Students chose an activity that they were interested in learning; choosing from choir, Tai Chi, mask making, drawing, cooking, drama, painting, knitting and creative writing. Each class was taught by one of our resident “experts,” Jon (our middle school teacher), Carrie (the middle school assistant), Sarah (our other upper elementary teacher), Emily (upper elementary assistant), Sharon (Ridgeline’s “teacher on special assignment”), Jennifer (our choir teacher), Roger (a community volunteer), Jenny and myself. By combining our resources, we were able to create small groups and have the opportunity to work with students in a different atmosphere. The kids had a ball… and so did the teachers!

In science this week we have been continuing our study of physical science, moving from the study of matter and its properties to the study of acids and bases. The kids conducted some independent experiments during work time throughout the week, and then we all worked together in small groups today to test a variety of acids and bases in our cabbage juice indicator. We have been discussing some of the elements of the scientific method as we explore and will be working toward creating our own experiments and analyzing the data as scientists.

Next Tuesday we will be traveling to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History for our first field trip of the year. Check with your child for the permission slip that needs to be returned on Friday. Please let me know right away if you are able to help transport students.

Next week is also our class picnic. Please join Jenny and I from 6:00-7:00 on Wednesday for an opportunity to visit and to learn more about our daily schedule and goals for the year. Please plan to bring your dinner, place settings and a blanket and we will (hopefully) enjoy the great weather outdoors. We hope to see you all there! 

As always, thanks for raising such amazing kids and for sharing them with me!