Dana's Weekly Update 3-7-13

posted Mar 8, 2013, 10:18 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Here is this week’s update in room 8: 

Reading: Students have completed book projects this week from their group novels. There were a variety of projects to choose from, including: book game, letter to the author, poems and songs, newspaper, story theater, character model, diorama and a “book sandwich”. Your student will be bringing home their project along with a scoring guide. As usual, we discussed these scoring guides before the students began the projects and revisited them as they completed the projects. The projects are scored from one to five, with five being the highest possible score. 

Oregon Trail: We have begun a new Oregon history project this week on the Oregon Trail. So far we have been learning about what the country was like when people began to travel the trail, what the land was like and where the population was concentrated. We also discussed reasons why the settlers would have wanted to go to Oregon and created a list of pros and cons about making the trip. We mapped the trail and discussed some prominent landmarks the traveler relied upon. Using this preliminary information, each student wrote about whether or not they believe their family would have traveled the trail and how they personally would have felt about this decision. We will continue our study of Oregon Trail for the next several weeks and will be forming wagon trains to “travel” on the trail ourselves! 

Ways to help Ridgeline:  
· designBridge is working with Ridgeline Montessori to create an outdoor learning environment that will support hands-on learning activities. The first phase of the project will focus on rainwater management, as well as a covered structure we like to call “The Shop.” We are currently seeking material donations!
· Cedar Lumber
· Rain Barrels
· Gravel Fill for Swale
· Retaining Pavers or Ground Cover
· Wall Blocks
· Corrugated Metal Roofing

If you know someone who has the resources to help out the Ridgeline community, please connect with us. 

· The Direct Donation Drive continues through March 22! The goal is $15,000 and 100% participation! 

Upcoming Events:
· Sat Mar 9, 2013: 10am - 11am Pre-Lottery Information Session 

Thanks to each of you for supporting us in the classroom, from my many super weekly volunteers to my great helpers who drop in when they can, to those of you who work at home with your children to help them reach their goals…you are all appreciated! 

Enjoy the (predicted) sun this weekend!

Dana and Jenny