Dana's Weekly Update 3-20-15

posted Mar 30, 2015, 8:55 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,


Science Fair Homework (week 4):  Students met with their science fair partners again this week and with me so that they could align their description of independent/dependent variables and their hypotheses.  The homework for week four is to create an example data table (which should include their independent and dependent variables and have a minimum of four trials) and to write up their experimental procedure.  The experimental procedure is a “how-to” guide that consists of a numbered step-by-step list.  It should be written in such a way that another person could read it and follow it to recreate the same experiment.  Remember to visit the ScienceBuddies.org site to see examples on data tables and experimental procedures.  (Click on the “project guide” tab.)


 Pi Week:  Thanks to everyone who donated pies for our class celebration!  We spent the week talking about Pi, discussing the nature of irrational numbers, what the number Pi represents, and how it was named and its history.  We also worked as a group to practice solving math problems in our Pi groups (ask your student their Pi group name!).  We determined circumference, diameter, radius and area of circles utilizing various Pi formulas.  We also read some Pi poetry, listened to some fabulous Pi themed songs, and read Pi books.  We even watched a documentary on a very interesting gentleman named Daniel Hammock who sees numbers very differently than the rest of us, seeing texture, colors, even smells and sounds when he thinks of numbers!  His amazing differences have given him amazing abilities with numbers.  He memorized the first 22,500 digits of Pi in a short time and recited them for five hours straight without a single mistake!  We followed up this video with our own Pi memory work and many of our students chose to take part in a recitation of the digits of Pi.  We ran out of time at the end of our celebration for this recitation so we will have this part of the event after Spring Break.  (I hear through the grapevine that one student has memorized over a hundred digits, so I challenge everyone else to try to beat that!)


Upcoming Events

·      Monday 3/23-Fri 3/27          Spring Break

·      Tuesday 4/7                        RCO meeting (6:00-7:30)

·      Mon-Fri 4/13-4/17               Volunteer Appreciation Week

·      Wednesday 4/15                  8:25-9:15 Volunteer Appreciation breakfast

 Enjoy your amazing kids during the Spring Break holiday!  See you all Monday the 30th!

Thanks for your support! Dana and Rozelle