Dana's Weekly Update 3-17-14

posted Mar 17, 2014, 10:36 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Fabulous Families:

Architectural Homework:  We had a great time this week working on scale models and drawings.  We then measured our classroom to create an architectural plan of the room, complete with dimensions.  Students are learning lots of skills to use in their final projects, in which they will create a building which synthesizes their learning about the ancient culture they are researching.  In order to practice the skills of measuring and drawing plans to scale, students will have the homework assignment of creating a scale drawing of one floor of their home.  They must draw the plan to scale and label the dimensions (I will be sending home graph paper and each square can equal one foot for simplicity).  The plan must include all doors, windows and stationary features such as counters and closets.  Student have some flexibility in this assignment:  they may choose to focus on just one room of their home if they would like to include the previously mentioned features but then also include all the furniture to scale as well.  A final option would be to create a “dream house” that would be a design that would include the same criteria.  Talk with your child to see what variation of this project would be best.  Projects are due next Thursday, March 20th


Field Trip chaperones needed:  We will be heading to the UO campus for an architectural tour on Wednesday, April 2nd.   We will need driver/chaperones to transport students.  We currently need transportation for 8 more kids.  Please let me know if you can join us.  Drivers will need to see Kayla ASAP to update their background check and vehicle and insurance information. 


Ridgeline Science and Project Fair Survey:  The Science Fair was a lot of fun!  It was nice to see you all and get a chance to read and admire all the awesome and creative projects!  I am always amazed at how creative the kids are with their topics and impressed by their use of the scientific process.  I will be sending home a short rubric assessing their work and giving them feedback.  Please arrange to pick up your child’s project board and other resources next week if your child hasn’t already had a chance to bring it home.  Please take a second to answer our survey questions about the science fair so we can gather feedback to make it even more fantastic next year!  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X2QB9QS

Support your child at home:  Please be sure you are checking in with your child each Friday by talking about their weekly “Friday Note” home.  If your child has unfinished assignments then he/she should be bringing those home to complete over the weekend.  Help your child find a place and time to complete these assignments and talk with them about why they feel they are were able to complete this assigned work in class.  I strive to find the right balance for each child, helping to stretch and push while providing support and opportunities for extra help and modification.  Every child in my class should get a “Congratulations” green Friday note if they use their class time effectively and communicate with me about their needs.  Please contact me with questions or concerns.


Upcoming Events:

 ·      March 24-28th:  Spring Break

·      March 31st:  teacher work day, no school for students

·      Wednesday April 2nd: Architectural field trip to UO. We need drivers! 

As always, thanks for the opportunities, support and love you provide for your child!