Dana's Weekly Update 3-14-13

posted Mar 15, 2013, 9:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Families,

Here’s some info on what we’ve been up to this week in room 8:
*Vaudeville:* Our class is working together with Sarah’s upper elementary and Jon’s middle school class on a fun new project...a vaudeville-style theater! Last week, our directors (who decide the line-up and which acts make the cut) and our technicians (who will film the acts) were chosen by the three teachers, based on applications submitted by the students. This week, the students in each class wrote a “pitch” in which they planned a performance that they could submit for the show. This first show’s line-up will include 10 acts: comedy, “fauxmercials”, musical acts, a science demo, dramatic skits, story theater, an unusual talent and physical comedy.
Students will perform their acts for the directors after Spring Break, then the filming will begin! We are planning to have three shows total this year, time permitting. It has been fun and exciting to read the different ideas the kids have had, they are very creative! A special thank you to Aaron Chester who is lending his expertise in vaudeville to our performers, giving them feedback on their acts and helping them brainstorm props!

*Creative expressions:* This week was a showcase week for Creative Expressions. As you may remember, we typically have seven weeks of classes, followed by the showcase where each class shares what they have been learning with the rest of the group. This session’s showcase was as fabulous as usual! We had a performance by our cheer group, an installment in our theater group’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, demonstrations by our Tai Chi and our Fun Fitness groups, readings from our Fantasy writer’s group,
presentations of art from our two painting classes and our drawing class, and samples from our knitters! Snacks from the cooking class served as our refreshments. We will begin our next round of Creative Expressions following Spring Break. Stay tuned!

*Pi day:* Thursday was “Pi Day” and it was a great celebration! We learned about the history of pi and how it got its name. We looked at what pi represents by comparing the circumference and diameter of a wide varietyof circles, marveling at the idea that, no matter the size, each circle’s ratio of circumference to diameter would generate the same number, pi! We proved this ratio of 3.14 visually with string and by graphing and also discussed how it could be used to find the area of a circle. In addition to the math of pi, we created art out of circles, made a paper chain that illustrated the first 107 digits of pi and showed its non-repeating nature. Some students accepted the challenge to try to memorize as many digits of pi as they could. We had many students who recited them in front of the class as we enjoyed our real pie at the end of the day! Piet was able to remember the first 53 digits of pi!!! (Keep in mind that these kids only
received the list of the digits of pi at 10:00 in the morning on Thursday...pretty amazing!) Here are some of the “pi poems” the kids
created. Each line had to have the same number of words as the corresponding digit of pi, for example, line one had to be 3 words followed by a period, line two was one word, line three was four words... Here are
some our great examples: ­­­
* Pie* (by Allisyn)
 I smell it.
 I run down stairs
I turn toward the kitchen
I see the pie waiting for me to eat
The fork
I grab the work and eat
The pie is now gone.
* Dogs* (by Niko)
I love dogs.
Dogs are good retrievers

Dogs love to play ball
They don’t just play ball
They chase cats indoors
Dogs rock!
Dogs like to run in grass
Dogs are awesome and cool
Dogs are cute
Dogs are fun and funny!
*Pie Falling From the Sky *(by Amalie)
People on Earth.

While eating yummy pie.

Dance around on the streets
Eat it all until you are full, yumm!

Please enjoy
Be grateful that you eat pie

Have a piece
Enjoy your delicious pie today!

Thanks to everyone who sent pies to school to help us celebrate this fun
day of math!
*Upcoming Events:*
Spring Break: March 25-29

Teacher inservice (no school): April 1st
Thank you for your daily support of your child and our school!
 Dana and Jenny