Dana's Weekly Update 2-27-14

posted Feb 27, 2014, 10:32 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Fabulous Families:
Upcoming change for our classroom:  Naomi shared with the students on Wednesday that she is going to be leaving our classroom soon.  She has decided that she needs to be able to spend more time with her family and so has made the difficult decision to resign from her position as our classroom assistant.  We will be interviewing for her replacement and I will share updates as we have them.  We will have a thank you/going away party for Naomi on Friday, March 7th.  If you would like to donate snacks/beverages for the party, please let me know.  
Architects in our classroom:  This week we began a six-week partnership with some of our community’s architects, John Webster and Amanda Hansen.  John came this week and did a very fun lesson with the kids that you may have heard about.  The students reflected on the work they have done with our study of culture and civilization and the importance of architecture to the community.  John tied that into what he does every day and shared some examples of his work with the kids before we jumped into a whole class activity where we had to design a home for three “friends”: a giraffe, a hippo and a gorilla!  It was fun to brainstorm the needs and wants of each of those animals and to design a home that honored those differences while also tying them together!  Next week we will learn more about the tool that architects utilize to design and build structures for clients.  The week after Spring Break we will be heading out on an architectural field trip around the UO campus so mark your calendar if you would like to help chaperone and drive.  I will be getting back to you with details as the date gets closer.
Pi Day:  March 14 (3.14.....get it?) is Pi Day!  We will be celebrating this important mathematical day with a Pi Day Celebration.  We will talk about what Pi is, see how many digits of Pi we can memorize, do Pi math activities and, of course...eat Pi!  If you would be able to donate a store purchased pie for the event, please let me know. 
Science Fair Projects:  I hope everyone’s experimenting is going well.  Hopefully your child has begun collecting and analyzing data.  Last week’s homework offered several ideas for the tri-fold display board.  Help your child stay organized and on top of this project, breaking it down into manageable chunks and working on a different aspect of the board each day.  The UO Science Fair is coming up on March 8th and the Ridgeline Project Fair is March 11th.  Last week I reported that boards are being sold at Ridgeline for $5, but now I have to retract that and let you know you can get them for $3 here.  Yay!
Creative Expressions: Thank you parents!!!  We have had four families from our room offer to teach a Creative Expressions class!  A big thank you to Monica for offering sign language, Tamathy for offering theater, Jennifer for offering basketball and to Cat who will be offering either gymnastics or babysitting.  It is going to be a great round of options for kids again!  We are looking forward to beginning after Spring Break and I will send out a full list of options before that time.
Homework:  Remember to have your child complete any work listed on their blue Friday Note.  This work is late work that was not completed during the previous week and must be turned in on Monday mornings.
Upcoming Events: 
  • Thu Feb 27
    • 6:30pm - 7:30pm Pre-Lottery Information Session
    • 7pm - 7:45pm Middle School Info Session
  • Sat Mar 1
    • 8:30am - 11am 6th-8th graders OBOB (Go Cadence!)
    • Where: Willamette High School
  • Sat Mar 8
    • 8:30am - 11:30am OBOB 3-5 graders (Go Amalie, Elana and !)
    • Where: Thurston High School
    • 11am - 4pm UO Science Fair
  • Sun Mar 9:  Daylight Saving Time starts-change your clocks!
  • Fri Mar 14: Pi Day-donate a pie!
  • March 24-28th:  Spring Break
  • April 1st (or 2nd?) : Architectural field trip to UO
Thanks for the awesome support and love you share with your child!
Dana and Naomi