Dana's Weekly Update 2-15-13

posted Feb 15, 2013, 11:26 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Families, 

I hope you all had a nice week! It was nice to see the sun for a day or two! Here’s some information on our week here at Ridgeline: 

Valentine’s Day Celebration: We celebrated the day on Thursday with snacks, crafts, and activities. It was fun to spend the day in our pajamas and to use the day to remember to show our appreciation of each other! Thanks to all of you who provided snacks for our class, we really appreciated it! 

Learning expectations: Jenny and I have noticed that we have come to the time in the school year when many students are comfortable enough with us and our classroom to begin to test their limits. We have been working with students one-on-one as needed to help them through this time, keeping focused on the expectations that all students produce quality work, complete assignments in a timely manner, and treat others with respect at all times. Testing limits is a natural part of learning to be your own person and finding out your values, but during this time the kids need extra support, both at school and at home. Please continue to consistently support your child, checking in with them about missing assignments (watch for the blue/green Friday notes every week), which they should be bringing home to complete, and problem-solving with them if they need help with using their time effectively or challenging themselves. Thank you for your support in helping your student reach his/her learning potential. 

Multiplication facts: Keep practicing nightly…there are a lot of students who have not yet mastered their facts. The expectation is that students know their facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of third grade, so all students in upper elementary should be proficient in this skill. 

Harris Burdick Stories: We are completing the final drafts of a fun writing project this week in which the students have chosen a compelling drawing and created a story to describe what is going on in the picture. The drawings we are using are from a Chris VanAllsburg story and come with a title and caption that the kids also had to incorporate into their writing. We will be sharing these stories next week and will also read some that have been done by famous authors, using these same pictures. It should be fun! 

Upcoming Events:
Parents Time Out: Saturday, Feb 16th
Spaghetti Dinner DDD Kickoff and Student Craft Fair: Friday, Feb. 22nd
No School: Monday, Feb 16th (President’s Day) 

Thanks for the time you spend with your kids! Enjoy the extra day this weekend!

Jenny and Dana