Dana's Weekly Update 2-13-14

posted Feb 14, 2014, 11:06 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Fabulous Families:
Science Fair Projects: Week  #3 homework can be found in your child’s Friday Folder.  This weekly homework should be helping your child prep for their science fair project.  As you know, in addition to this homework, we have been working together in class:  looking at ideas, taking an interest survey, working with the scientific method, participating in class experiments, working with SPICE from UO and conferencing about the returned homework.  This week’s homework covers the experimental set up and a sample data collection chart.   Remember that the actual experiments, data collection and project board is to be done at home.  If you child has not yet begun their trials and data collection, this is a great weekend to get started!  The University of Oregon Science Fair is March 8th and the Ridgeline Science and Project Fair is March 11th.  It’s always best to have extra time, just in case that first round of experiments doesn’t go as expected!  Next week I will send home data for your child on creating their project board for the final display.
Calendar Open House:  It was fantastic to see so many families at the celebration!  What a fun night!  Thanks to Bunny, Sally and Cameron for cooking with students and to all the families that donated snacks, drinks and supplies!  Also, a big thank you to the kids for their hard work and persistence in doing such amazing work on this extensive project!  I hope you are all enjoying the final creations!
Volunteers Needed for Creative Expressions:  HELP US GET THE NEW ROUND STARTED!  We are in need of family/community volunteers to help teach our new round of Creative Expressions.  We currently have slacklining, nature explorations, dance and comicbooking confirmed.  These sessions run every Friday from 12:00-1:10 and consist of groups of around 10 students.  If you have a talent, skill or passion you would be willing to share, please contact me ASAP.  WE CANNOT BEGIN UNTIL WE GET MORE VOLUNTEERS!
Progress Reports:  Upper elementary progress reports will be sent home with students on February 21st.
History:  Now that our simulated historical civilization is living in a large city, we no longer see all our neighbors on a daily basis, let alone our rulers.  In order to keep the citizens of our city connected to one another and to our rulers, we have decided to build temples to instill a sense of pride and common connection.  This step toward elaborate, awe-inspiring architecture was the next step in the development of growing civilizations and helped the rulers of the communities cultivate reverence in their population and inspire fear in their enemies.  To create our temples, we looked at historical examples from different cultures and time periods and looked for commonalities.  Armed with this knowledge, each group created their own structure using the same set of materials, all of the groups working to create a magnificent and elaborate temple related to their theme.  The structures turned out great!  Thanks to Clint’s class for their ideas and feedback on the final designs!
Middle School Meeting: Wondering About Ridgeline’s Middle School? – 5th and 6th grade parents and students are invited to a Middle School information session with Middle School teacher Jon Labrousse. Learn all about what Ridgeline’s Middle School has to offer, Thursday, February 27, 7-7:45 P.M. in the Middle School classroom.
Upcoming Events: 
2/15 Teen Summer Job Workshop--open to students 11-15 years old
2/17 No School (President’s Day)
2/21 Pasta Dinner, Upper Elementary Progress Reports sent home
Thanks for everything you do to support your fantastic child, both in and out of the classroom!
Dana and Naomi