Dana's Weekly Update 12-21-12

posted Dec 21, 2012, 10:20 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Families, 

Winter break is finally upon us! We all felt it coming this week in our unusual schedules. We had Easy CBM testing, a very exciting science show and a winter celebration/PJ day today. Here are some details: 

Creative expressions: This week was our second Creative Expressions showcase, a time when all the students share what they have been doing in their previous 7 weeks of classes. It was fun and exciting to see the amazing creations all the students have been involved in! I am so impressed at the wonderful skills they have! Next session’s classes include: spirit club, fantasy writing, papier mache, painting, story theater, Tai Chi, drawing, cooking, knitting and choir. 

Science show: On Wednesday, we had a fantastic science demonstration from a professor from the U of O physics department! He showed us a lot of great experiments that demonstrated some of the principles of light. We learned about how light moves, information on light refraction, the light spectrum and how we use light to help us in our daily lives (like the use of lasers for communication and in medicine). Have your child share some of the fun info we learned! 

Winter celebration: Today we had a winter celebration in our class! We all wore our cozy pajamas to school. We read books, played games, and did some holiday crafts. Thanks to parent who donated snacks! It was a fun way to finish up the last day before the break! 

Calendar projects: Several of our students who are working on their independent research calendars are finishing up. The results are amazing!!! Some of the topics they have chosen include fashion, computer programming, dog breeds, the Bill of Rights, cats, the world’s deadliest germs, squirrels, the periodic table, drag culture and unusual animals! We will have an open house after all the students are done so that they can show off all their hard work. I’ll keep you posted! 

Science of aerodynamics and flight: We are continuing our unit on aerodynamics and flight and worked this week to create three UFOs that have different designs. We are comparing the way that these different designs fly (height, length and the shape their flight path takes) and determining the changes that occur as we change the number of blades, the length of the blades and other variables. Next time, students will finish up these investigations and create some designs of their own based on what they have learned. 

Oregon geography: We have been studying the geography of Oregon this week, reviewing its relationship to other states, identifying the major mountain ranges, rivers and valley as well as the geographical regions. We will be working toward creating scale models of Oregon after the break. 

Thanks to all of you for supporting your great students at home. It is a joy to have your kids in our class. Jenny and I wish your family happy holidays. We hope your break is filled with love and fun! See you all back here on the 8th! 

Dana and Jenny