Dana's Weekly Update 12-14-12

posted Dec 14, 2012, 9:40 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Families, 

The holidays are almost here! We are all working our way through the week, trying to stay focused on academics and not get distracted by those coming holidays! J Here are some of the things we have been working on in class and other important info: 

Easy CBM assessments: We have begun our Winter Easy CBM assessments this week and have already completed our reading fluency and vocabulary tests. We will continue the assessments next week with the reading comprehension test and will wrap it all up the week we return from winter break with the math assessment. Please help your child be ready for these tests by being sure they get enough sleep and a good breakfast each morning.  

Classroom Climate: This week we have been revisiting the agreements and guidelines that we created during the first few weeks of school. We had brainstormed these to help us set up the kind of environment that makes school an interesting, fun and safe place that allows us to feel supported and take risks. Our “BE” statements included “be safe, be responsible, be kind, be courteous, be an expert for others, and be positive.” These have been posted in our room throughout the year and have been referenced many times. Recently, several of the teachers, Jenny and I included, have seen some choices being made around the school that made us feel it was time to look at these again and get them fresh in our minds. We worked this week on creating skits and acting out responses to various scenarios (including bullying, spreading rumors, teasing and other difficult-to-solve situations). The kids created groups to act out the situations and used the “BE” statements to show how to solve them in a positive manner. We had some great discussions! Please be sure to take some time this week to talk with your student about things they can do to prevent, and resolve, these types of situations. During our discussion, we talked about the “ripple effect” that our words and actions have in the world…we all decided we want our contributions to be positive ones! 

Send-off Party: One of our great 6th grade students, Mark, will be leaving us at the end of this week. He and his family will be moving to California next week and getting settled in during the holidays. We will be spending some special time with Mark on Friday afternoon, sharing what we have appreciated about him and wishing him well in his new adventure! 

Jordan Schnitzer Museum field trip: We will be heading to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the U of O campus on the morning of Thursday, January 24th. While at the museum we will be both exploring the exhibits and engaging in structured discussions of visual art. These discussions are designed to help increase students’ critical thinking and literacy skills, with the art as a jumping off point for sharing perspectives and learning from each other. It should be a great trip! We will be taking a bus for this field trip, so we won’t need parent drivers, but we would love to have at least four parent chaperones to join us. If you are interested in attending this free field trip with us, please let me know.  

Upcoming Events: 
Fri Dec 14: 6pm - 7:30pm Talent/Un-talent Show, Joy of Sharing Food Drive kick-off 
Sat Dec 15: 10am - 2pm Parent's Time Out, 11am - 4pm Tree Lot Sale 
Sun Dec 16: U-Cut Trees  
Fri Dec 21: Last day of school before Winter Break