Dana's Weekly Update 11-25-13

posted Dec 2, 2013, 10:25 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,


Here’s this week’s news:


Stone Soup:  We had a great time today at Stone Soup!  As usual, the soups were delicious and the kids enjoyed knowing that they had a hand in creating them.   After watching the fantastic Stone Soup play, we paired up with our kindergarten reading buddies to enjoy the soup together.  What a great tradition!


Barnes and Noble Book Fair:  Thanks to everyone who attended the book fair.  It was really nice to see all our families outside of school.  The kids all did a great job presenting their poems and skits, I was very proud of them for pushing themselves and taking on the challenge of presenting in front of the group!  Thanks also to those who purchased books for our classroom, the kids are hungrily devouring them!  It is such a treat to have new books!


Calendars:  Two final draft pages down!  Check with your child and see if he/she has the first two final draft pages ready to print.  We have a goal of having all twelve final draft pages completed by December 18th.  The final pages, including the cover, bibliography, About the Author page and the optional dedication page must be completed by January 15th.  Students’ calendars must be “printer ready” on January 16th


Writing:  We completed and shared some fun writing this week based on “funny headlines”.  As a class, we wrote a joint article with the real but funny headline of “Hospital Sued by 7 Foot Doctors.”  Ask your student to share their subject (and it’s funny double meaning) and relate to you the topic sentence and supporting details they included in their story. 


Holiday Fair- Our first Holiday Fair is being held Saturday, December 7th, noon to 6PM in the school gym. That date is coming up fast, so we’re giving Ridgeliners only until November 20th to sign up for tables.  Local and regional sellers can vend on a space-available basis, so invite your friends to sign up too! There’s a sign-up sheet on the school bulletin board. You and your non-Ridgeline friends can also sign up by contacting Nicole Roberts, event chair, at nrroberts1971@gmail.com.

Costs: $20 per table (Ridgeline family) or $35 per table (non-Ridgeline). Vendors able to provide their own table (4x8 or smaller) will save $5. Crafty kids sell for free from their own Ridgeline Kids table, as wandering vendors, or from a blanket on the floor! It’s a fundraiser, so we request that successful vendors also make a tax-deductible contribution to the Capital Campaign representing 10-50% of sales – or whatever your heart deems appropriate for the opportunity to market your wares.

Eligibility: Items sold must be handmade, safe, and all-ages appropriate. Items do not have to be holiday-themed.  This event will be advertised via Craigslist, Facebook, the Eugene Weekly, and the Register Guard's Holiday Bazaars listing.


Upcoming Events: 

11/25-11/29-  No school, Thanksgiving holiday and budget reduction days

12/1-   U-Cut holiday trees

12/6-  Talent Show

12/7-  Holiday Fair


We are enjoying your kiddos and all their great talents and personalities!  Thanks for sharing them!


Dana and Naomi