Dana's Weekly Update 11-20-14

posted Nov 20, 2014, 11:01 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Families,


Three Islands Project:  Students have done an amazing job with this fun and interactive project.  Hopefully you have been hearing a lot about it at home.  If so, you know students began the project after hearing “scout reports” about three new islands that were “discovered." These scout reports outlined the flora and fauna of the islands, the terrain and the climate and other facts that students used to create classroom friezes.  They then created characters that accepted the invitation from NEMSC to join the expedition to the islands.  Students created a back story that outlined their lives and explained why their character wanted to join the adventure.  They purchased supplies, boarded ships and set sail on a perilous journey across the ocean.  Once on the islands, student explored, built shelters, hunted and looked for natural resources.  They elected officials, wrote community agreements and created a system of government.  NEMSC (which stands for the National Economic, Mercantilism Supervisory Corporation) then helped the Islanders set up economies on their islands by creating industries that utilized the resources found on each island:  ship building on the timber rich Upper Island, textile and clothing manufacturing on the In-Between Island, and grain milling on the fertile Lower Island.  Students were able to earn money for the goods they produced and sold to NEMSC.  While on the islands, the characters survived many hardships, including pirate attacks on the way there, competition from rival companies, shipping embargos, and attacks by “mysterious figures” who lived on the islands.  They dealt with unfair practices, excessive taxes, many changes in leadership and oppressive controls placed on them by NEMSC and finally….finally…they decided they were DONE with NEMSC!  This week students got together and shared their concerns, frustrations and anger as well as their ideas, hopes and commitment to the future of the islands.  They elected delegates from each island who met together to craft a letter to NEMSC stating:  1) what they feel the qualities of a good company are 2) what they feel the CEO of NEMSC (Georgie Jr. Jr.) has done wrong and 3) stating they, the 3 Islands, want to be free! 


Stay tuned for more exciting information.  Next week I will share the declaration they crafted and we will be making many more connections in the weeks to come.  (Sorry, just a little longer with some of the “classified info;" thanks for hanging in there J)


Stone Soup:  Our annual Stone Soup day will be next Wednesday, November 26th.  Please check in with your child about the veggie they signed up to bring to add to our community pot. J This year we will be serving vegetable soup made with organic vegetable broth. (Ingredients of the broth include: water, carrots, onion, celery, tomatoes, leeks, sea salt, mushrooms, garlic, savory leaf, bay leaf.) If your child has an allergy to any of these ingredients, please send your child to school that day with his or her own soup. While attempts were made in previous years to accommodate student allergies, the numbers of allergies has increased to the point that we can no longer accommodate every student. Thank you for your understanding. 


·      Stone Soup entertainment:  all adults and children attending the Stone Soup performance are asked to bring $2 if possible to help cover the cost of a fun and exciting hoop dance and juggling performance from Lane Arts Council.


Volunteers Needed:  Beginning Dec 5th, the upper el classes will be offering fun practical life activities for all students who have proven themselves to be self managers for the week, completing all assigned work with quality.   We are planning to have a variety of activities that will teach skills such as crochet, sewing, woodworking, programming, creating websites, photo editing, knitting, card making, languages and other activities.  We need families who are willing to share their amazing skills (and/or your willing hearts) with our students on Fridays from 9:30 to 11:30.  Please send me an email about what you might be willing to contribute to the mix.  (Grandparents, family friends and neighbors with amazing skills and/or willing hearts are welcome too!)


Grandperson’s Day:  What a huge success! Thank you to all of you who invited grandpersons to our special day. We had at least 90 visitors! WOW. Also, thank you all for your participation in the bookfair. That night we hit record sales of $5800!


RCO meeting:  At the next RCO meeting, on December 2nd, Jen Wyld will be coming to do a special 30 minute presentation at the beginning of the meeting to share ideas for instituting Montessori principles and practices in your home.   All parents are welcome to attend the meeting and are welcome to stay for the regular meeting as well.  This is a great opportunity to support your child and learn more about Montessori philosophy and practice.


Upcoming Events:


Tuesday, 11/25                         Bring vegetables to slice for Stone Soup

Wednesday, 11/26                    Stone Soup

Thursday, 11/27                       NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving

Friday, 11/28                             NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break

Monday, 12/1                             NO SCHOOL – Professional Development


Thanks to all of you for helping support us and your responsible learners!

Dana and Rozelle