Dana's Weekly Update 10-9-13

posted Oct 9, 2013, 10:46 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Families,


Calendars: We are halfway through the rough draft process on our research calendars!!!  The kids have been doing an amazing job creating math problems (they’ve created 180 so far!) and gathering information about six of their twelve research subtopics!  We talked this week about how we will assess these fantastic projects.  As you saw on the original paperwork about the project, students will work together as a class to write the scoring guide that we will use.  We will use C.R.A.N.E. (Creativity, Right-On, Accuracy, Neatness and Effort) as our guide and students will write the description of what a 1, 3 and 5 look like for each of those categories.  When we assess the final calendar projects, students and I will use this scoring guide to give a score by category and an overall score for the project.  Its amazing how tough the kids are in creating the guide, they set high standards for themselves!  When we have the final scoring guide in place I will share it with you in the Friday Folder.


Friday Folder: Please be sure to get your child’s Friday Folder each week and sign and return any forms along with the work plan and Friday Note (green or blue).  Students should return these on Monday in their folder.


Bike Safety: Beginning Monday, October 14th, all the upper elementary classes at Ridgeline will have the opportunity to be involved in a fun, two week-long bike safety class!  If your child does not have a bike to use for the class we will have some bikes and helmets available here at the school.  All permission and health forms need to be turned in for kids to ride bikes, which they will do starting Wednesday.  Forms were sent home last Friday in their folders and again on Tuesday for the kids that didn’t have them returned.  We will have limited overnight storage for families who may have difficulty transporting bikes back and forth during the week.  Let me know if you need space.


Science:   Students followed up on their engineering work this week by creating marshmallow and toothpick structures that demonstrated the structural integrity of different building shapes.  We compared squares, cubes, triangles and pyramids and talked about additional supports that buildings can use for stability.  Students then tested their structures with a seismic test (on a bed of jiggly jello!) and we discussed the results.  Fun! 


Book Orders:  If you would like to purchase books through Scholastic and help support our class, please order on the scholastic website (our class order code is MKWX8) or turn in your order and check to class by October 16th.


Upcoming Events:

10/11- No school (statewide inservice)

10/14-10-29  Bike Safety Clinic


Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.


Dana and Naomi