Dana's Weekly Update 10-31-14

posted Oct 31, 2014, 11:29 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Happy Halloween!


Halloween Pajama Read-In Party:  Today’s read-in was a blast!  We set up reading forts and nest around the room and read alone, in partners, and as a group.  We even moved our weekly student-led “literary tea” to coincide with today’s celebration of the printed word.  Thanks to everyone who provided snacks for our hungry readers.  Thanks also to Maya’s family for donating mini-pumpkins to each of our students for decorating.  What a nice way to end the week! J


Volunteering in Room 8:  Thanks to our regular work time volunteers:  Natasha, Yaeko, Elin, Bunny, and Star.  We really appreciate the support you provide!  Thanks also to all the parents who provide the behind-the-scenes support to your child, helping them to be successful.  We are still looking for some parent helpers to offer enrichment activities for students who have proven to be “Self Managers” each week.  These students have completed high quality work at their level in a timely manner and have earned some extra time on Fridays to pursue other interests.   If you have time and talents to share, please let me know.  We would love to learn to knit, do origami, write a class newspaper, learn Spanish or sign language… or any other talent or interest you may have!  Sign up on our website or send me an email:




Salmon Watch Field Trip:  We had a great time at Fish Creek on Thursday!  Our class visited a variety of stations in which we learned about salmon and their aquatic ecosystem.  The stations included:  aquatic macroinvertebrates (water bugs), water quality testing, and a game to simulate salmon’s olfactory migration cues (ask your student about “smelly”). We got to see over twenty salmon between two and three feet long and we even saw some making their actual redd (the gravel nest where the female lay 3,000-5,000 eggs!).  Our fantastic guide Tim even opened up a salmon that had completed its life cycle so we could see the internal organs.  It was very cool!  (Did you know that salmon have teeth on their tongues?)  It was a great way to add to our growing knowledge of all things salmon as well as ecosystems and the care of our environment.


Student-led conferences:  Please visit the lobby this coming week to sign up for your conference time on Friday, November 7th or Monday, November 10th.    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone! 


Ridgeline Math Club:  One of our great Ridgeline parents, Hayden Harker, will be leading this year’s math club.  The club is designed for grades 3-6 and is a place where students can practice their basic math facts, improve their understanding of area, arithmetic and fractions, and generally strengthen their foundations in math.  It should also appeal to students who have a good grasp of these concepts but just love math and talking math.  The first meeting is next Thursday after school in the library.  Parents and students are invited to attend and see what it’s all about.


Reminder:  Field Trip to Alton Baker next Tuesday.  Have your student assess their level of comfort from our trip to Fish Creek.  It will most likely be another fun, wet and mucky field trip so have them prepare accordingly! J


Upcoming Events:


Tuesday, 11/4             Field trip to Alton Baker Park for habitat restoration

                                             RCO meeting 6-7:30

Friday 11/7                  Conferences

Monday 11/10            Conferences

Tuesday 11/11           No school (Veteran’s Day)

Thursday 11/13         Hearing Screening

Friday 11/14               Grandparent’s Day/ Barnes and Noble Book fair 


Dana and Rozelle