Dana's Weekly Update 1-29-15

posted Feb 2, 2015, 11:50 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Families,

Multiplication Facts: ALL upper elementary students are expected to know basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. As you will remember, we have been practicing these all year in class through a twice weekly visit to a website called Xtra Math. This site generates basic problems (like 3 + 7, 12 - 9, 6 x 7, and 36/4) for students to solve. The program begins with addition and, in order to move to the next operation, subtraction, students must answer a series of problems within 3 seconds each. You can visit this site from home. Several students already use this site on a daily basis to work on fluency with facts. Go to Xtramath.com and enter our class code, CJKR 6298. Your child brought home this info and their password early in the year. They each have a record of their personal password here in class if they cannot remember it. If your child is not yet on multiplication facts, they should also be practicing those at home with flashcards or another method. As we work on more challenging math, students can become confused and frustrated with longer processes involving multiplication if they have to keep using the multiplication chart to figure out facts at they work. Daily practice with facts is essential to avoid this! Please take 5 minutes each day to do a few facts that are difficult for your child to answer quickly.   

CHAPERONES STILL NEEDED! Tree Planting Field Trip: Be sure to return the field trip permission slip for our upcoming trip to Buford Park. It was sent home in your child’s Friday folder last week. If you have misplaced it, it is attached electronically below. We still need drivers/chaperones in order to make this trip happen! Thanks to Sandi T., Dave, Beth and Elin who have confirmed that they can drive on this trip. We still need 15 additional seats! Remember, to drive you MUST turn in your updated forms to the office before the field trip on February 12th. I also received a liability waiver this week from Friends of Buford Park, the folks we will be working with for this activity. They require all participants under 18 to get a parent signature on a waiver. We won’t be doing anything dangerous, but ‘rules are rules’ so please FILL OUT THE ATTACHED LIABILITY WAIVER if you have not already returned it to school.
Volunteers: Remember to log your school volunteer hours so we can record them in the upcoming mid-year tallies. Thanks for all you do to help your child and Ridgeline! J

Human Growth and Development- Students will be talking about this important and timely issue this coming week in grade level groups with our discussion leaders from Planned Parenthood. They will be bringing home some handouts on anatomy and hopefully will fill comfortable enough to have a discussion with you at home about the topics we cover. Please talk with your child and support them if they have questions or encourage them to talk with me or put a question in the “Question Box” for our presenters. Some kids tend to be shy with this topic, but it is a great time for the discussion of real info versus what one tends to hear “through the grapevine” as an adolescent. J

Upcoming Events
· Saturday, 1/31 Pre-lottery info session, Eugene Public Library (12:00-4:00)
· Wednesday, 2/4 Seed orders due to office
· Thursday, 2/5 Pre-lottery info session, Ridgeline (6:30)
· Monday, 2/16 No School (President’s Day)
· Saturday, 2/28 Pre-lottery info session, Ridgeline (10:00)

 Thanks for your support! Dana and Rozelle