Dana's Weekly Update 1-24-14

posted Jan 24, 2014, 9:54 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello Families!  Here are some of the things we’ve been up to this week:


Calendars:  Hooray!!!  21 students have now completed and received their calendar copies!!!  I hope you have all found a place of honor to display these amazing works!  The students and I will be working together next week to choose a date for our Calendar Open House.  Students will be bringing home invitations with all the details soon.  If your student is one of the final 8 who are still finishing up, please be sure to set aside 30 minutes or so each night.  Please contact me if you need additional project details or ideas on how to support your child.  Thanks!


History:  This week we had a flood in our classroom!  (Well, a simulated flood!)  Have your child explain our latest simulation on the development of civilization.  They should be able to tell you why the shift from hunting and gathering to farming was the first step and also explain what the annual flooding of farm lands along fertile river valleys had to do with the next step, the development of government.  Stay tuned for the third step next week...


Science Fair:  You will find a flyer with information about the upcoming UO science fair in your child’s Friday folder this week.  We had the UO science group SPICE come to class this week to talk with us about the scientific method.  The students reviewed the steps of the scientific method and focused on the first step, developing a good question.  After identifying what makes a “good” science fair question, the kids had a chance to come up with a question related to a fun straw rocket activity.  Take a minute to talk with your child about the question they collected data about and look over the SPICE info.  The second info page asks students to begin thinking of their own science fair ideas.  We will be working on this as a class next week and I will ask students to come up with three possible ideas by the end of the week.  You can get a jump on this by checking out ideas at the SPICE website and clicking on the link for project resources.  This site also has information about the UO fair dates and requirements and even free project development workshops to guide your child through the process.  As I mentioned last week, participation in the UO science fair is optional but each student will create a science fair project for the Ridgeline Project Fair.  Why not enter it in the UO fair also?  




Upcoming Events: 


1/31 Ridgeline Talent Show

2/1 Parents’ Time Out (1:00-4:00)

2/6 All School Meeting

2/7 No School (Semester Grading Day)

2/14 Progress Reports Sent home

2/17 No School (President’s Day)

2/21 Pasta Dinner


Thanks for all the support you give your student! 

Dana and Naomi