Dana's Weekly Update 1-10-14

posted Jan 10, 2014, 12:51 PM by Cynthia Friedman

New Year’s Greetings!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and got a chance to spend some quality time with your great children.  I had a fabulous time filled with friends and family but I missed all the kids and I am glad to be back to school!


Calendars:  ONLY 5 MORE SCHOOL DAYS WILL BE SET ASIDE FOR CALENDAR WORK!!!  Calendars need to be “printer ready” by Jan 17th.  This week’s goal is to have at least 10 pages completed.  I am really encouraging students to get ahead of the deadline since they need to have the last 5 done by next Friday.  The last 3 pages generally go a little more quickly since they are the cover, author’s page and bibliography.  IF YOUR CHILD IS BEHIND THE DEADLINE THEN THEY SHOULD BE WORKING ON THEIR CALENDAR AT HOME NIGHTLY.  Please support your child in this work.  Feel free to call or email me with questions or stop by to see examples.


EasyCBM Assessments:  We are in the midst of our winter round of EasyCBM testing.  This gives students a chance to show us the growth they have made in reading fluency, vocabulary, math and reading comprehension.  The scores will allow us to see how your student is doing in each category compared to other students in their grade across the 4J district.  We will look forward to sharing the information with you at our next conference.


Friday Folders:  Please remember to continue to look for your child’s folder each Friday.  You will find some work, your child’s weekly work plan and their “Friday Note” that congratulates your child for the focus, persistence and organization that they showed in completing all their assigned work this week, or it will list the work that is not yet completed for the week.  Students should be bringing this work home and doing it for homework.  Please be sure the completed work is returned in the folder on Monday and that you sign and return the work plan and Friday Note so we know you are informed about your child’s progress.  Children love to know you are involved in their school life and it gives you wonderful opportunities for conversation. 


Science Fair:  Just a reminder...we will be starting activities soon to get us ready for the upcoming science fair.  Please take a minute to talk about possible projects with your child.  Visit http://oco.uoregon.edu/spice/resources for ideas.  The fair will take place on March 6th.  We will do planning and practice at school but projects will be done at home.  Additional info will be coming home soon.


Upcoming Events: 


1/16 7:00 Ridgeline Uke Performance-Cozmic Pizza


Thanks for everything you do for your fantastic kids!  Your love and attention really shows in those bright minds and smiles that Naomi and I get to enjoy every weekday!