Adam's Update 5-18-2020

posted May 18, 2020, 12:49 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello Parents and Guardians of Room 8!

This week, the kids will have some tasks to help unlock their creativity. Look out for building opportunities on SeeSaw this week! The students have a choice. They may choose to construct with paper, or with cardboard, but must choose at least one task to do.

The students will have some chances to brush up on their geography. There will be new geography tasks each week, and also a fun quiz in the weeks to come.

Room 8 Weekly Work Plan:

Now can be accessed at SeeSaw. All activities your child can access on SeeSaw has been assigned to them. There are two optional activities in SeeSaw

Math - 

The math assigned last week is due on Monday, when there will be a new set of tasks assigned in Khan Academy.

6th grade is working on properties of numbers. There are a number of videos that are assigned, which are important to watch. It is easier to help after the kiddos have had a chance to look at the information. The videos are there as a guide to help, in addition to the teachers, but we need to access all of our resources during these times, as we are not in class together, and it can be challenging getting face-to-face help for everyone each day.

5th grade is working on multi-digit multiplication, division, and estimation before continuing deeper into fractions.

4th grade is learning about equivalent fractions and comparing fractions over the next two weeks.

Pay attention to math challenges in SeeSaw. As we come up with fun tasks, we will post them in SeeSaw as we create them. Look this week for extra math tasks.

Reading - 

Recommended at least 30 minutes a day.  You will write your summary in SeeSaw. It will be on the list of assignments. You will be able to write your summary in SeeSaw. You may also sumbit a video review of your reading passage.

Last week, we continued our read-aloud of Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. I read chapter 15 and posted the readings to SeeSaw.

This week, I will read chapter 16. Go at your pace. You may listen to a reading a day if you like. The read-alouds will remain posted in case anyone would like to relisten. 

Please give a brief response. It can be a voice recorded response saying what part you liked. 

I will also be reading chapter 17 this week, and will post that by mid-week.

Writing - 

Daily Journal.  Write about how weird this time is.  What you like and don’t like about it.  Write about how you feel or how things change from day to day (or maybe they stay the same?)  Aim to write for 5-10 minutes. 

You can record the date and how much time you wrote to keep track of your journaling in SeeSaw. I would like to remind everyone that the journal is for you. You are not obligated to post your thoughts on SeeSaw. If you would like to let us know how you are doing, you may post a note with the date, and the amount of time you wrote for. That’s all.

Jonathan will be teaming with some of the students for writing prompts, and the prompt will be delivered via SeeSaw beginning Monday.

Writing rules apply for the writing prompt.


Build Something!- Will be posted to SeeSaw midweek as a nice change of pace!

Born A Crime by Trevor Noah read-aloud- Assignment posted on SeeSaw.

Geography Challenges- Will be updated with new material each week.

Typing Practice -

20 min / week at  If you forget your login or password, let me know and I can retrieve it for you.

Whole-Class Zoom Meeting Schedule

Mondays at 12:30

The kids are invited to take part in our next Zoom meeting. Here is the information they will need to access Zoom should you need to help them log in. I have also sent a link to the students.