Adam's Update 4-27-2020

posted May 5, 2020, 2:56 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Hello Parents and Guardians of Room 8!

This week, all of your assignments are posted to SeeSaw. We will still communicate and do assignments with the tools we have been using, such as google docs, but our final products will be uploaded into SeeSaw using the upload tool. You all have different assignments so communication home will be the same as the communication that you receive here in SeeSaw.

As we become more confident in navigating our SeeSaw activities, we will introduce more new things for new learning experiences that are fun. This week there are some new things for some of you.

Room 8 Weekly Work Plan:
Now can be accessed at SeeSaw. All activities your child can access on SeeSaw has been assigned to them. There are two optional activities in SeeSaw

Pay close attention to math. Everyone has assignments in Khan Academy.

I have recorded your previous math scores and have assigned new material.

There is a hard due date for each of your assignments this week, but the compromise is that you only have about 12 math tasks to do.

Everyone in Room 8 has the writing prompt and the quote of the week, which will be announce at our Zoom meeting on Monday.

In addition to our writing, everyone is assigned a reading summary and daily journal. We are meeting as a whole-group every Monday at 12:30.

I will meet with each of you as you need.

Next week, we will open our writing up to work on some of the skills we were honing when we left school.

I look forward to seeing everyone and hope you are all staying safe and engaged during our quarantine.

Reading -

Recommended at least 30 minutes a day. You will write your summary in SeeSaw. It will be on the list of assignments. You will be able to write your summary in SeeSaw. You may also sumbit a video review of your reading passage.

Start a read-aloud ritual at home. Choose a book you have been wanting to read for awhile. Have each person in your family take turns reading a few pages. Choose a book that will take you weeks to finish.

We will begin assigning read-alouds through the SeeSaw platform in the coming weeks.

Writing -

Daily Journal. Write about how weird this time is. What you like and don’t like about it. Write about how you feel or how things change from day to day (or maybe they stay the same?) Aim to write for 5-10 minutes.

You can record the date and how much time you journaled to keep track of your journaling in SeeSaw.

Jonathan will be teaming with some of the students for writing prompts, and the prompt will be delivered via SeeSaw beginning Monday.

Writing rules apply for the writing prompt.

Typing Practice -
20 min / week at If you forget your login or password, let me know and I can retrieve it for you.

Whole-Class Zoom Meeting Schedule

Mondays at 12:30

The kids are invited to take part in our next Zoom meeting.