Adam's Update 1-10-2020

posted Jan 10, 2020, 12:42 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello Room 8 Families! 

The past three weeks of school, our scholars utilized their growing knowledge of physics and worked in groups to make predictions about movement, force and energy. They constructed roller coasters from a model and made predictions about where their ‘cars’ would end up. After comparing their predictions with the actual outcomes, they readjusted the pitch of their slope and made more accurate predictions. This project will continue into the next year, when the students will design their own roller coasters and run experiments based on their own designs.

Over the past month, the scholars have received math instruction, and checked-in with me for individual attention and further clarification. 

Regarding math, the 4th graders have recently been focusing on using their understanding of place value to add multi-digit whole numbers using the standard addition algorithm, and then applying the algorithm to solve word problems. This past week, they received instruction on solving multi-step word problems using the standard addition algorithm, and then assessing the reasonableness of their answers using rounding.

The 5th graders have been continuing in their math learning by using equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract other fractions. They also received instruction on multiplying decimal fractions with tenths by multi-digit whole numbers while using their place value understanding to record partial products. This week, the ‘5ths’ worked on multiplying decimal fractions by multi-digit whole numbers through conversion to a whole number problem and then reasoning about the placement.

The students in 6th grade math are now working on the relationship between visual fraction models and equations, as-well-as creating division stories for dividing fractions by other fractions. This week, they moved into dividing fractions by mixed numbers and improper fractions. They will continue with this exercise and learn strategies to determine if figuring the decimal value of a fraction is an easier strategy to use for solving addition and subtraction of mixed fractions.


The students will begin taking on more responsibility by focusing on peer editing for their whole-class writing prompts. Then they will have face-to-face editing with Jonathan and myself before moving onto the computer for their final drafts. In addition to the new writing prompt protocol, the students will be working on specific writing skills in the weeks to come. Next week the 4th graders will be instructed on more diversity in their introductions and conclusions. The 5th graders will also work on introductions and conclusions, as-well-as small-group instruction on writing an argument paper. The 6th graders will have time with Adam working on argument and persuasion.

The students will be bringing home work plans to be signed by parents. They are expected to complete 80% of their work for the week and inform their parents of their workload.

We are so excited to be back!