Adam's Upate 11-25-19

posted Nov 25, 2019, 9:56 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello Room 8 Families! 

We have begun our new unit on ancient civilizations. Room 8’s scholars have chosen to learn about the Vikings! They have been introduced to the curriculum and have reviewed the agenda and project they will be working on. At the end of this unit, the students will have a gallery walk, and share what they have worked on and learned with their peers from the other upper elementary classes. We will invite you, as our scholar parents, to share in the gallery walk as well.

Last week we introduced physics, and started learning about Newton’s First Law. This week, we expanded our conversations in the subject to define the element of force. Please ask your child what they know about force, and prompt them to define the word with the equation they learned! We did an experiment that introduced the students to the concept of ‘energy storage’, and will continue with similar explanatory examples into next week.

This week’s writing prompt was titled “What I Am Thankful For”, and there have been some touching and interesting responses in the students scripts. This is a prompt that was difficult for many of our scholars to separate material ‘things’ from those that matter. Please prompt your students to share some of their writings with you. All of the students use Google Docs for their final drafts, and these drafts can be shared with you with their permission.

In math, the 4th grade students have moved past place value, and are working on gaining tools to help solidify their knowledge of place value. They are starting to work on multi-digit multiplication, and moving the decimal point when working with certain numbers. The 5th grade is working on solidifying multi-digit multiplication and the standard algorithm, decimal place value, and moving the decimal point. They are reinforcing their understanding of decimal place value by doing exercises that highlight vocabulary that supports their previous understanding that, to the left of the decimal point means to multiply by, and to the right of the decimal point means to divide by corresponding place value. 5th grade is also working on skills that will help them find equivalent fractions as a strategy for adding and subtraction fractions, as-well-as the area model. The 6th grade students are learning how to divide fractions by fractions, and how to extract equations from word-problems. They use modelling to help illustrate their understanding of the concept.

Next Wednesday, November 27, Ridgeline will stage two of its most popular events - Stone Soup and the School Sing-Along. Please bring vegetables to the school on or before Tuesday, November 26th. Room 8 has been selected as the upper-elementary classroom where veggie slicing will take place on that day, and where parent volunteers will be assisting students and staff with veggie chopping. Importantly, please remind your scholars to bring their own bowl and spoon to Ridgeline on Wednesday, so they can enjoy a bowl of one of the several delicious varieties of soups which will be available, all prepared and served by our talented and greatly appreciated parent volunteers.

Last, but not least! This evening, Friday, November 22, at 5pm, some of our students have a gig at Sam Bond’s Garage (located in the Whiteaker neighborhood at 407 Blair Street in Eugene). They will be playing accompanying ukulele with a band. If you can, please stop by, enjoy the sounds, and support our Ridgeline community out in the community.