Emily's Weekly Update 9-12-16

posted Sep 12, 2016, 11:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman


The year has gotten off to a great start.  First graders have gotten to know their new classmates and have gotten lesson after lesson in their new environment.   Returning students have reviewed some works from last year.  I’ve been so impressed with all our students, and with returning students in particular.  They came back ready to work and eager to help new classmates.  This sense of community, fostered over three years and perpetuated by the children themselves, is one of my favorite parts of Montessori. 


Class Meeting Postponed

            The class meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 15 is postponed for a later date.  Stay tuned for a new time in late September or early October.


Biome Fashions

We begin the year by identifying the biomes of the world: oceans, wetlands, deserts, mountains, temperate forests, tropical forests, and grasslands.   On Friday Sept. 16 we will celebrate biomes with our second annual Biome Fashion Show.  If they wish, students can dress to explore their favorite biome.  No special costuming needed, just some creativity and a trip to your closet! 

Mountaineers may wear a winter coat and hiking boots; desert explorers may want a sun hat, sunglasses, and pants to protect from cactus spines; dressing for the wetlands might include rain boots and a fishing pole.  Props are also fine – binoculars (real or pretend), field guides, sunscreen, swim goggles, and so on.  Students can bring costumes in a bag and change at school.  Some students have asked to dress up as an animal that belongs to a biome – this is also fine.  Dressing up is completely optional.


Welcome, Zhao-Ying!

            Zhao-Ying Huang, a Masters student from Taiwan, is interning full time in our classroom this fall.  She will be learning about American education and teaching us about Chinese language and culture.  We’re happy to have Zhao-Ying with us to continue our tradition of Chinese instruction!


Scholastic Orders Due September 19

            The easiest way to place an order is by going online to scholastic.com/readingclub.  Use our class code, KPPLH.  We use Scholastic points to order new books and materials for our classroom.  Thank you to Kalei’s family for coordinating the orders!


Backpack Check!

            A packet with school picture information was sent home with some students on Friday.  If your student didn’t get a packet, we will send one home on Monday.