Emily's Weekly Update 9-10-18

posted Sep 10, 2018, 3:47 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Great Beginnings

            The year is off to a wonderful start.  We’ve already seen so many instances of kindness, sharing and helpfulness from students of all ages.  It is going to be a great year!


Biome Fashion Show Friday

We are studying biomes this year.  As part of our studies, we will have a fashion show on Friday, Sept. 14.  Children are invited to bring clothing and props that they would wear to explore one of the seven biomes we are studying: temperate forest, tropical rainforest, desert, grasslands, wetlands, mountains, polar regions, and the ocean. 

For example, a child dressed up for the grasslands might wear long pants to protect their legs, with a sun hat and sunglasses since there are no trees for shade.  A wetland explorer might wear rubber boots and carry a fishing net.  Check your closets and be creative!  Bringing a prop or two (guidebooks, beach towels, stuffed animals, etc.) is fine, but please don’t send in anything precious or fragile.  Also please know that I’ve asked ocean explorers to include a rash guard or cover-up (no swimsuit-only outfits, please).  

Students can wear their costume to school or bring costume items in their backpacks and change here.  Participation in the fashion show is encouraged but not required.  After all, kids can always dress for their own biome – the temperate forest!

If you'd like to be part of the audience at our fashion show, join us at 12:10 on Friday.


People of the Land – A Dorris Ranch Field Trip

            On Wednesday, September 26 we will be taking a field trip to Dorris Ranch.  We’ll learn how Kalapuyans, trappers and pioneers used the land as part of our upcoming study of pioneer times.  We are seeking chaperones for this morning field trip which leaves at 9:00 and returns at 12:20

            Permission slips will be sent home Friday; a copy is also attached to this email.



            Just a reminder – each student should have a placemat or cloth napkin packed in his or her lunch box daily. 


Friday Volunteer Needed

            We are seeking a volunteer to help us assemble student packets on Fridays.  We have announcements and spelling lists to collate and put into backpacks.  It’s about an hour of work, and could happen around 11:30 or 12:00 on Friday.  It’s a great time to also join us for some recess fun or to have lunch in the classroom with your child, then go straight to pick up.  Email me if you are interested!


Spelling Starts Friday

            Our wonderful spelling volunteer Hahn Niemand is back!  Second and third graders will get their first spelling lists this Friday and have their first quiz the Friday of the following week.  We will be basing our initial spelling placements off of the groups kids were in last year.  Let me know if your child's words seem too easy or too hard and we will see if an adjustment is in order. 

            Frequent but short and relaxed practice sessions really help kids be successful in spelling!  Some parents keep the list in the car and help with practice while commuting.  Although we do provide some practice opportunities here, we find that a little bit of exposure at home is the key to getting those words down. 

Recess Equipment Donations

            We want recess to be fun!  We provide all sorts of recess supplies, from board games to jump ropes and basketballs.  But after lots of hard play, some of our supplies are wearing out.  We are looking for donations of jump ropes (short and long), balls (basketball, soccer, nerf football, etc.) and other equipment to replenish our supply.


Thank You

            Thank you to the Steiners for building us a beautiful outside bench!


Mark your Calendar:

Sept. 14           Biome Fashion Show

                        Spelling starts

Sept. 26           Morning Field Trip to Dorris Ranch

Oct. 4              6:00-6:45 Class Meeting (no childcare provided)

Oct. 12            No school – Inservice day