Emily's Weekly Update 6-12-18

posted Jun 12, 2018, 10:48 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Saturday Ems Game Performance and Tickets

Join us at Saturday’s game and see your child sing “O Canada” on the field!  Tickets for Ridgeline families will be grouped in one super fun section.  Ticket sales are online: https://groupmatics.events/event/Ridgelineeugene.  Tickets are $12, with $4 going towards Ridgeline.  The game starts at 7:05.  


Field Day TOMORROW – Extra Clothing and Sun Protection  

Field Day is TuesdayJune 12 from 9:15-11:15am. One of the stations will have water balloons. It is likely that your child will get wet. We encourage you to send your child with a change of clothes so that they do not have to stay in wet clothing for the remaining hours of the day.

Please also plan for sun protection - sunscreen and/or a hat.


Shelf Cutting Volunteer

I’m looking for a volunteer to shorten several sets of shelves for a classroom remodel over the summer.  You would need just four quick cuts to the 2x4s supporting the shelves – probably easily doable here at school with your circular saw.  Ideally, a volunteer would be able to help out either Friday, next week, or any time in July.  


Wednesday Cubby Cleaning  

We will be cleaning out cubbies and sending home indoor shoes on Wednesday.  You may want to send a bag with handles to help your child carry the load home!


Peacemakers Gallery and Ceremony

We had a great celebration of our peacemakers today!  I’m so happy that our students made such great connections with their peacemakers and that they have gained dozens of great heroes to inspire them.