Emily's Weekly Update 5-7-14

posted May 7, 2014, 9:03 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Hip Hip Hooray for Pioneer Day!
We had a blast on Pioneer Day. First came dance with Rachael Carnes, complete with tall tales and pioneer folk dances. Then was Pioneer School, with girls on one side and boys on the other. Students literally toed the line to read out loud and practice their arithmetic in front of the class. At lunch we made and ate fresh butter. In the afternoon we dipped candles with help from volunteer Sheryl LeBlanc, added to our paper quilt squares and worked on entries for our pioneer book. Each student is writing instructions for a different pioneer chore, from gathering eggs to making coffee. The book will be illustrated with photos of the children in their pioneer costumes. 

Bodies and Bones
Next up, we will be learning about the human body, one body system at a time. First we will study the bones and muscles, then digestion, circulation and the nervous system. Kids are fascinated by real bones. If you have some interesting animal bones to share, please send them in! 

Bike and Walk to School Challenge
For the month of May, families are encouraged to bike, walk, or scoot to school. We will be keeping track and using our data to make charts, look for patterns and calculate averages.  

Seed Planting Volunteers Needed
Our class would like to give away seedlings of garden plants at the end of the year picnic and garden party on Thursday, May 29. We are looking for a volunteer or two to help provide potting soil and seeds and to help small groups plant their seeds in containers. Many different times are available to suit your schedule. Let me know if you can help! 

 Scholastic Orders
Backpack check! Scholastic orders are being sent home Tuesday this week. Order online (and access other catalogs) at
clubs2.scholastic.com, with the order code KPPLH.