Emily's Weekly Update 5-23-16

posted May 23, 2016, 11:11 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Mark Your Calendar!
May 27 No School
May 30 No School
May 31 Winter Green Farm Trip
June 9 JSMA Trip
June 10 No School
June 13 Field Day
June 14 5:00 – Class Concert and Peacemaker Display
5:30 – All School Picnic
June 15 Last Day of School

Field Trips to the Farm and the Museum
We are planning two upcoming field trips. The first, on Tuesday, May 31, is to Winter Green Farm in Noti. This is Porter’s farm! To follow up on our visit to the climate rally earlier this spring, we will be learning about how a changing climate can affect farmers and farming methods. If you are interested in chaperoning, let me know. We are traveling by 4J bus and will be back at school at 1:30.

On Thursday, June 9, we will visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the UO campus. We’ll travel by LTD bus and get a tour that focuses on Asian art to complement all that we’ve learned from Jiayu. We are also seeking chaperones for this trip. We’ll be back at school before 12:00.

A combined permission slip will go home Monday; a copy of the slip is attached.

Allergy Alert
During the last few weeks of school, allergies seem to hit hard. This is also a time when we may spend more time outside. If your child needs allergy medicine, please check in with Kayla to drop off the medicine and sign the forms that let us administer it. This is especially important prior to our farm visit and to end of school activities like picnics, nature walks and field day.

Concert and Peace Celebration
Make sure to come early to the All-School Picnic on June 14. At 5:00 we will sing a great selection of songs, see a slide show of the past year, and have our life-sized peacemaker projects on display.

Summer Birthdays
We will have a mass celebration of summer birthdays on Tuesday, June 14. If your child has a summer birthday and would like to participate, please send in a photo for each year of his or her life. Photos should be mounted on poster board or cardboard – no loose photos, please! We will also need a sentence or two describing each year; this could be a good exercise for your child to do with your help! We will celebrate without sweet treats or favors.