Emily's Weekly Update 4-22-15

posted Apr 22, 2015, 10:03 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Leaf Walks and Schoolyard Labeling

As part of our leaf studies, we are collecting, drawing and describing leaves from the schoolyard.  We are still in search of more examples, so please go on your own leaf walk and bring us some that you find!  Our work will culminate in identifying and labeling some of the trees and shrubs on Ridgeline’s campus.  Thanks in advance to Sam Stroich for helping out with this project.


Science Project Update

Today we sent home science project folders.  Take a look!  This week we had lessons on results (a chart or graph), the discussion (telling what you learned from the experiment) and the background information.  Some kiddos have zoomed through their project work here at school.  Others may need some assistance at home. Students and families can to decide whether to bring back the folders on Monday and use class time to work on the project or whether to continue to work at home.


Completed displays are due on April 30.


Smarter Balanced Tests Begin

Starting Wednesday, third graders will begin the English Language portion of their standardized tests.  Testing will continue with several sessions a week for the next few weeks.


Sunny Days and Sun Protection

We are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to eat, play, and even work outside.  That can add up to a lot of midday sun exposure.  If you are concerned about sun protection, please consider applying sunscreen to your child before school starts or sending in a hat with your child.  Carmen and I are happy to help remind kiddos to put on their hat and stay sun safe.