Emily's Weekly Update 3-31-16

posted Mar 31, 2016, 12:41 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Experiment Time!

I’m returning science fair folders today.  There are some fascinating experiments in the works! 

The next step for science fair projects is to gather materials and do the experiment by April 11.  There’s no worksheet to fill out this time, though I’ve included graph paper to help organize your data collection if necessary. 

I encourage students to take photos and/or make illustrations at many steps along the way.  Taking lots of photos can be especially helpful for younger students, since captioning a photo of an experiment is much easier than writing out the many small steps involved in setting it up.

April 8 - Medieval Day

On Friday, April 8 we will be celebrating Medieval Day.  Children will spend the day in the 13th century, with games, feasting, and more!

The children have already made personal coats of arms and created illuminated capital letters.  Next week they make simple medieval coifs (hats worn by men and women in the Middle Ages).   We also have “surcoats” (recycled tunics from Greek and Roman Days) that we can use to outfit some students here at school. 

Children have the option of dressing the part on Friday.  Girls might want to wear a long dress or skirt and long sleeved shirt.  This was often covered with an apron, tunic or another long dress, then belted.  For boys, an adult sized T-shirt, belted at the waist, makes a fine tunic or surcoat.  Hose or leggings were traditional; shorts or rolled up pants paired with knee socks could be a modern equivalent.  Hats, hoods, and headdresses of all kinds were common for men and women in the Middle Ages and were worn over the type of coifs that we have made.  And, of course, this is the perfect time to break out that old cape or poncho!

For our Medieval feast, we will turn the room into a Great Hall, complete with a high table for the nobility.  Eating with knives, fingers and spoons (forks weren’t yet in use), we will sample pease porridge (plain split peas) and “ale” (fruit juice) to augment kids’ lunches from home.

April 8 – Scholastic Orders Due

Online ordering is simple – just visit clubs2.scholastic.com and enter  classroom code KPPLH.

April 9 - Grounds Keeping Work Party – 

Come help us keep Ridgeline beautiful!  A volunteer groundskeeping work party will be held Sunday, April 9, 1-3pm.  We will be mowing, edging, weeding, pruning, seeding, raking and generally having fun; kids welcome too.  Bring gardening tools if you've got 'em, plus gloves and rugged clothing.  Meet at the outdoor classroom. All family members may log volunteer hours.