Emily's Weekly Update 2-9-18

posted Feb 9, 2018, 12:01 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Homework Gallery Tomorrow

We will be sharing our amazing products about aqueducts, Roman buildings, and robots tomorrow in the library from 8:45 to 9:15.  Friends and family are welcome to join us!  


Rainforests and Ruins

Have you heard about the thousands of new ruins discovered in the forests of Central America?  What great timing for our study of rainforests and their mysterious inhabitants, the Mayans.  

Many houseplants originated in the warm, shady understory of the rainforest.  If you have an orchid, bromeliad, or other rainforest plant that can visit the classroom for a few weeks, please bring it in.


Bring Recorders Mondays and Wednesdays

Our musicians have learned the notes B, A, G and C.  Kids can practice by playing any of the “BAG” songs on the handout in their recorder packet.  That’s enough to play along with our first concert piece, Duke’s Place. Your child can look at the music in their Orchestra Swings book (it’s just G and C notes) or listen and play along using the link at https://launch.carnegiehall.org/Link_Up_Orchestra_Swings_Audio_2016-2017/.  

Pro tip: If your child is sounding squeaky, double check that they are using their left hand on top and that the holes are fully closed.


Valentine’s Day

We are celebrating Valentine’s Day next Wednesday.  Valentines are optional; if your child does choose to bring cards, please make sure that they are labeled with classmates’ names (a list is attached).  No candy please, but other favors (pencils, stickers, etc.) are fine.  We will be using paper grocery bags as our Valentine “mailboxes.” Bag donations are appreciated!