Emily's Weekly Update 2-3-16

posted Feb 3, 2016, 10:51 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Changes to Our Peanut Policy

Due to allergies, we are setting new limits for peanut containing foods in our classroom.  Most of the classroom will be a peanut-free zone.  We will have a small designated area where children may eat lunch foods containing peanuts.  Because students eat their morning snacks where they work, we ask that snack foods be peanut-free. 

The children learned about our new policy today and are excited to help make our peanut policy successful.  Google “peanut free lunches” for a gazillion tasty ideas.  Thanks for helping us keep all students safe.

Homework Gallery Friday, February 5

Join us at 9:00 on Friday for our homework gallery, and consider inviting grandparents or friends as well.  The audience of community members who joins us for our gallery really makes a difference for the kids.

Remember, students needing extra time may bring in their work and use school time to finish up if needed.  Let me know if your child needs this extra support.

Your Child Is Capable!

Join us for a special parent education night with consultant Robyn Breiman.  She will help guide you in ways to support your child’s independence and confidence at home and at school.  Robyn comes very highly recommended, so mark your calendar!  Friday’s home packet has more information, an RSVP, and info on child care during the talk.