Emily's Weekly Update 2-3-14

posted Feb 3, 2014, 9:45 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Middle Ages
This week we watched a great video about all the inventions the Chinese came up with, often thousands of years before their counterparts in the West. It was a great bridge to the next topic we'll be studying - the fascinatingly backward Middle Ages. Stay tuned for updates from the thirteenth century!    

Science Fair Homework Reminder
Many students have already come up with science fair ideas. I am collecting the homework sheets (sent home last week) to review research questions and make suggestions about projects. Please have your child send in your idea form Monday so that we can be ready for our science mentors on Tuesday. A copy of the form is attached. In case the attachment doesn’t work, here are the questions to work on with your child: 

List some interests:
Come up with some questions about the subject.
How might you test one or more of these questions? 

This week we will be refining our questions, identifying resources for background research, and making sure that the experiments are doable. Fully developed project ideas (including a list of materials and a basic procedure) will be due February 10. If your experiment will be more time intensive, feel free to get started with it now! 

Bring in $1 for the Puppet Show!
The kids loved Friday’s performance of The Moon Goddess and all the beautiful handmade puppets. In turn, the puppeteers were impressed with what a great audience we were. They were even more impressed when we gave them an impromptu performance of the Chinese New Year song Jing taught us!

Thanks to all the families who sent in their $1 to cover the cost of the show. If you have not sent in your dollar yet, please do so. 

Short Week Homework
Because we won’t be in school on Friday, next week’s homework will just include a math journal question (a prompt on a sticky note). Continue to work on those writing journals and math facts!