Emily's Weekly Update 12-16-15

posted Dec 16, 2015, 10:14 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Tulips Inside and Out

Our tulip bulbs are chilling in the refrigerator and will be planted in January when we return from break.  In the meantime, we’ve drawn and investigated their inner structures.  We are looking for donations of soil – any type will do – to help fill the garden we’ve excavated.


Curtis’ Alaskan Adventures

Did you know that Curtis spent a year with the Inuit of Point Hope, Alaska?  Today he shared a slide show and some amazing artifacts, including art, baleen and traditional clothing.  Ask your child about the walrus tusks!


Homework due Thursday

We will be showing off our projects on Thursday morning at 9:00.  Please feel free to join us in our Homework Gallery.  Meet in the library beforehand for a short presentation from some of our students, then come see what we’ve been working on. 


Chinese Instruction

Our Chinese intern, Wenyi, has taught the children an amazing amount of Chinese in a few short months.  Students can name the color of a person’s hair or eyes, list some hobbies, and soon will be able to describe different articles of clothing.  We have also learned the Chinese names for all the members of the family.  Your child can even teach you how to say please and thank you in Chinese!  Xie Xie!