Emily's Weekly Update 11-30-15

posted Nov 30, 2015, 12:54 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Mail Call!
We are learning how to write and send letters in December. We have a binder of addresses in the classroom so that students can mail off letters directly from Ridgeline. Many families have already turned in the address sheets that were handed out at conferences. An electronic copy of the form is attached in case you need a new one.

Book Fair Thank Yous
Our class is so excited about the new books we got from the book fair! Thank you to the many families who purchased books off our wish list.

Pioneer Day
Well, we made it through a day with no electricity, hardly any books, and the constant threat of corporal punishment! Pioneer life was tough, and pioneer school was no different. Some rules were easy to follow (no spitting tobacco juice) and some were more difficult (no fidgeting, no talking). Luckily we had some home-churned butter and cornbread to sweeten things up, and the children enjoyed memorizing and reciting poetry.

What’s Next?
In December we will be learning about the beginnings of the universe, states of matter, and the arctic biome. We'll write letters and work on our persuasive writing. We’ll be reinforcing skills in addition, fractions, and telling time. Do you have a clock with a dial at home? Does your child have a watch with a dial? These are invaluable ways to support your child in telling time.