Emily's Weekly Update 11-23-15

posted Nov 23, 2015, 1:18 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Every Monday     -         Spelling list sent home, quiz on old spelling words

Tuesday, Nov. 24 -        Pioneer Day – dressing up encouraged

                                       Bring one or two soup vegetables

Wednesday, Nov. 25 -   Stone Soup – families invited

                                       Students bring a LABELED bowl and spoon

NO SCHOOL Nov. 26 and 27

 Spelling We’d love your help with spelling lists!  Check your child’s backpack on Monday afternoons.  We give new spelling lists on Mondays and send home quizzes from last week’s words.  Students practice at school, but the very best way to learn those words is to do a little bit of practice throughout the week at home.  This can be quite informal – even just a quick oral quiz – as long as it happens almost every day.   

 Homework Homework for December was sent home last Friday (first and second graders) and Monday (third graders).  Please let me know if you have questions, need an extra copy, or foresee that your child may need extra help. The due date this time is December 17.  Plan ahead to avoid last minute hassles!

 Pioneer Day on Tuesday Next Tuesday we will travel back in time to the pioneer days.  Children will grind corn, chop veggies, churn butter, and “toe the line” in pioneer school.   We’ll sing some old-time songs and have a hoe-down with traditional dances.  Dressing up is encouraged but definitely optional.  Pioneer dress code for boys would be long pants, a long sleeve button-down shirt, boots and a brimmed hat.  Girls wore long skirts (showing an ankle was discouraged) and long sleeves, with an apron or shawl to complete the look.  Girls also generally wore a bonnet, kerchief or hat.  Yee-haw!

Stone Soup Join us next Wednesday for Stone Soup! I have attached a flyer that went home last week with details.