Emily's Weekly Update 11-21-16

posted Nov 21, 2016, 12:39 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Hungry Hummingbirds Spotted at Ridgeline!

We have been familiarizing ourselves with some common northwest birds.  We have life sized silhouettes perched all around the classroom and have started keeping an eye out for birds in our schoolyard.  On Friday, we spotted a hummingbird checking out the eaves next to our classroom!  The class would like to set up a hummingbird feeder or two to encourage more visits.  If you have an extra feeder, or would like to volunteer to provide hummingbird nectar every week or two as an ongoing volunteer job, let me know.


Audubon in Schools and Raptor Center Visit

On November 29, volunteers from the Lane County Audubon Society will visit for a very special art class.  Students can look at stuffed bird specimens up close, and learn techniques for drawing birds.  Then, on November 30, we will visit the Raptor Center to learn about bird rehabilitation – and maybe even try drawing birds from life!  Parent volunteers will be providing transportation to the Raptor Center – contact class parent Jes Feather (jesikafeather@gmail.com) to volunteer.


Stone Soup Veggie Volunteers Needed Tuesday

Are you available to help kids chop veggies on Tuesday?   We need helpers with knives, peelers and cutting boards to assist just a few kids at a time, any time between 8:40 and 11:30 on Tuesday.  Join us!


Stone Soup Invitation and Reminders

Wednesday we will gather for our Stone Soup celebration.   Parents and special friends are welcome to join us during the assembly (plan on arriving at 12:00) and/or soup (arrive at 1:10).  Please let me know if you plan on coming so we can roll out the red carpet for you.


On Tuesday, November 23, students should bring:

            Soup veggies for cutting – one or more carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, leeks, kale, etc.

On Wednesday, November 23, students should bring:

            A small sack lunch (we will eat an early lunch around 11:15)

            A LABELED bowl and spoon

            $2 for the West African drum and dance assembly


Book Fair Thank Yous      

Congratulations to all the young poetry buffs who recited poems at the book fair, and thanks to all the families that came out on a Friday night to support Ridgeline.  I can’t wait to break out some of the great books that families have contributed to the classroom.  Many thanks!


Salmon Update

Our salmon alevin are thriving.  So far, we haven’t lost a single egg or fry.  Amazing!  They are getting a bit longer and more active but still mostly hang out, resting in the gravel.  Their yolk sacs are attached to their bellies and give them all the nutrients they need.  By sometime in mid-December the yolk sacs should be completely absorbed and they will “button up” – their stomachs will close up and they’ll be ready for release.  As the time approaches we will arrange a field trip to release the fry at Alton Baker Canoe Canal.  Stay tuned…