Emily's Weekly Update 11-20-14

posted Nov 20, 2014, 11:00 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Next Wednesday, Nov. 26, is Stone Soup, Ridgeline’s annual community celebration. We will eat lunch as usual in the classroom, then see a special assembly of hoop dance and juggling from Lane Arts Council. Then, we are inviting families to join us for a special feast of vegetable soup and bread in the classroom.

Visitors should arrive at 1:10. Afterwards, children can leave with parents or stay until dismissal at 3:00.

On Stone Soup day, every student should bring a labeled bowl and spoon. Please also bring $2 for each person attending the assembly performance.

RSVP to me if you plan to join us.

Veggies and Volunteers
We ask that each child bring a few soup vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, etc.) to add to the pot. Please bring veggies on Tuesday, November 25. The children will peel and slice the veggies under volunteer supervision. We are also looking for a volunteer who can work with a few kids at a time from 10:00 to 11:00 or later on Tuesday.  

Allergic to Soup?
All of our soups are vegetarian. If your child has special dietary requirements please consider sending in some “safe soup” from home. 

Placemats Please
Please double check that your child has a cloth napkin or placemat in his or her lunchbox. Clean up is so much easier when all the crumbs are on a placemat!