Emily's Weekly Update 10-5-14

posted Oct 13, 2014, 10:10 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Upcoming Events

Scholastic Order Deadline - Oct. 6

Bike and Walk to School Day – Oct. 8

Field Trip to Science Factory - Oct. 9

No School/Inservice Day – Oct. 10

Ridgeline Rising Block Party - Oct. 11

Field Trip to Mt. Pisgah – Oct. 14

Curriculum Sharing Open House – Oct. 23

OBOB Kick-Off – Oct. 24


Homework Starts Monday

On Monday, your child will bring home an October homework envelope.  There will be two projects.  The first is an autobiography project for your child to write and illustrate with drawings or photographs.  Enjoy this walk down memory lane!  The second is a math project.  Children will find real-world math examples and create a poster to illustrate their findings.  Check out Monday’s homework packets for more info.


Bike and Walk to School

On Wednesday, we’re participating in Bike and Walk to School.  Go on your own or join a “walking train” from a nearby park – see the E-News for more details.


Scholastic Ordering Online

Visit clubs2.scholastic.com to place an order using our classroom code, KPPLH.  Our order will be placed on Tuesday, so you still have time.  You can also browse all the scholastic catalogs online.  Your Scholastic orders earn us new books for our classroom!


Field Trip Permission Forms

Check backpacks for an orange field trip permission form, or print out your own from the attached file.  This is a combined form for both of our upcoming field trips, to the Science Factory and to Mt. Pisgah.


Indoor Shoes, Please!

Mud season is on its way.  Indoor shoes are an absolute necessity to keep our rugs clean enough to sit, lie, and work on.  Please make sure your child has a pair of indoor shoes at school.


Banjo (and Other) Performances

Zev has been entertaining us with his banjo skills every few weeks.  If your child plays an instrument and would like to share, let us know and we’ll arrange a time for a recital.