Emily's Weekly Update 10-15-15

posted Oct 19, 2015, 12:34 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Curriculum Sharing
Join us on Tuesday for Curriculum Sharing! Come see your child demonstrate his or her work. We are also eager to have an audience for our Class Book, which will answer all your questions about our Montessori classroom. Curriculum Sharing is Tuesday, October 20. The classrooms will be open 3:15-4:15 pm and 6-7 pm.

Tulip Science
Our class is planting a tulip test garden as part of the international science project called Journey North. We will connect with hundreds of other schools in the Northern Hemisphere. We are beginning this fall by planting Red Emperor tulip bulbs. Next spring, we will share our local observations and track spring’s progress – its Journey North.

In the coming week we will learn about becoming citizen scientists. We will recommend a site for our garden after evaluating several options. Finally, we will measure out and excavate our garden bed. Special thanks to volunteer Lindsay Smith-Ramsey for helping make all this activity possible.

Volunteer Needed – Gardening Supplies
Could you either donate or buy (and be reimbursed for) some supplies for our garden by Friday? We need a 2 x 25 foot roll of chicken wire to protect our bulbs from varmints. Please email me if you can help.

Digging into Soil – Donations Needed!
As we prepare our test garden, we’ll be thinking about soil and all its parts – organic matter, water, air, and minerals. We’ll start to learn about the amazing soils of the grasslands (the next biome we’ll study) and ways that we can protect our soil. We are looking for samples (2 cups or so) of some interesting soils to examine and compare. If you have farm soil, sandy soil, or good old South Eugene clay, send some in. Thanks!

Counting Coins for Refugees
Many students have brought in donations for refugee relief. We are looking forward to sending these donations on at the beginning of November. In the meantime, we are using the money to do math!

Counting the coins has been a meaningful work spanning several days. We’ve made estimations and used subtraction to see how close our estimates were. A very full, very heavy penny jar was donated by Carmen. Soon we will weigh all the pennies and figure out how long they would be, laid out in a line. In the meantime, we’ve brainstormed counting strategies (one by one, count by fives, count by tens) and students have tried them out to see what is most accurate and efficient.

Horse Barn
Mucking out stalls! Sweeping aisles! Rolling hay bales! Tossing hay! The kids attacked their horse barn chores with gusto, but the highlight of the trip was riding Gitter the pony and “bareback” Jack. A huge thank you to Katie Ebbage for hosting this trip. If you are interested in lessons or camps you can check out her barn on facebook (www.facebook.com/The-Academy-School-of-Equestrian-Sports-289899357736680/).

Grandparents’ Day
Check those backpacks for an invitation to Grandparents’ Day on November 13. Grandparents and other special people can come hear a presentation from me about Montessori and can visit the classroom for lunch with the students. Make sure to RSVP to reserve a spot!