Emily's Weekly Update 1-30-18

posted Jan 30, 2018, 9:45 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Roman Day This FRIDAY

By imperial decree, Roman Day has been shifted to this Friday.  We’ll spend Thursday afternoon preparing our classroom and working on projects, then go Roman on Friday.  Costumes are, as always, optional but super fun!  We’ve talked about the different levels of Roman society, so some students are planning to dress as emperors, some as patricians, some as plebians, and I’m sure that some will choose to be enslaved Romans, soldiers, or even gladiators.  Roman women wore long tunics (a long dress would do fine) and a shawl or wrap.  Luxurious fabrics, jewelry, and elaborate updos were a sign of wealth.  Upper class men also wore long tunics.  A toga was a voluminous overwrap that was only worn by the elite.  Less prosperous Roman men wore more practical, shorter tunics.  We also have tunics at school if your child would like to get costumed here.


Roman Feast

We are looking for donations of food for our Roman feast on Friday.  My wish list includes Thai fish sauce, olives, grape juice, dried fruit (apricots, raisins and figs would all be appropriate), rustic bread, a crockpot of plain cooked mushy lentils, and olive oil.  And if you have access to flamingo, dormouse, songbird or dolphin meat, let me know!


Valentine’s Day

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, February 14.  Children may choose to distribute Valentines at school if they wish.  Please make sure to bring one for each child.  No candy, please, but pencils, stickers, tattoos and other non-consumables are fine.  We ask that children label each valentine with a classmate’s name.  A list of names is attached to this email.


Recorder Practice

Students who chose to learn recorder took home recorders and practice packets on Wednesday.  A little bit of practice each day makes a difference!  It’s also ok for kids to work ahead (they are just assigned the first song).  A word to the wise – if your child’s recorder sounds excessively squeaky and bleaty, advise them to blow softer, like a gentle sigh. 

Do you want to join us for some great recorder (and symphony) music on the morning of March 13?  We have room for a few more chaperones, so contact me if you’re interested.