Emily's Weekly Update 1-17-14

posted Jan 21, 2014, 8:50 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Scholastic Book Orders
New book order catalogs were sent home this week. Please order online at
clubs2.scholastic.com. Our class code is KPPLH. Online orders earn us extra free books! Our class order will go in on January 31. 

Chinese Day Wednesday, Jan. 22
On Wednesday, we will celebrate all things Chinese. Kids will experience Chinese School, including sitting silently in rows of desks, with hands folded in front of them. Don’t worry, there’s still recess… group calisthenics on the field. At lunch, we’ll taste some Chinese food and try our hands with chopsticks. Thanks to Sheryl, Violette’s mom, we have red scarves (worn by excellent students in China) for everyone to wear. Students may also want to wear red, a lucky color in China, or other traditional Chinese clothes.

Jing’s Last Day Friday, Jan. 24
We want to keep her! Although our classroom was nothing like she’d experienced before, she approached her experience here with an open mind and adventurous spirit. She is returning to China to become a teacher – and she is looking into openings at Montessori schools in Beijing. We wish her only the best. 

Calendar Change
Site Council decided that May 22 and 23 will now be instruction days (not conference days). We lost a total of 5 instructional days to snow days. The Board of Directors chose to use two of those snow days as budget reduction days (formerly scheduled on June 17-18). I am available for conferences as needed throughout the school year. Let me know if you’d like to arrange a meeting.  

A Surprise in the Mail
Last week Leah brought in a very special pair of ballet shoes for sharing. In December, she had taken some class time to write a letter to the dancer who played the role of the mechanical doll in The Nutcracker. Happily, the dancer wrote back! She had good advice for aspiring ballet dancers, and a special gift – a set of pointe shoes that she had used for her performances. Congratulations, Leah! 

Pocket Check!
Kids love to bring toys and treasures to school, but these things sometimes cause conflict. Toys, trading cards, and fancy jewelry should all stay at home. Also, please ensure that pocketknives and multi-use-tools make it out of those pockets before school.